SIU 02 Command Line Interface

Software/Firmware versions

OSmon> rev
------------------- OSE modules ------------------------------------------
oam.chk             Operation & Maintenance                          R1M01
secmgrr.chk         Security Manager                                 R1A68
inetr.chk           MLPPP Daemon                                     R1G08
ltp.chk             Local Terminal Port                              R1N01
snc.chk             Synchronization                                  R1M02
pd.chk              Packet Distributor                               R1G02
cesopsn_pwr.chk     Circuit Emulation Service                        R1H07
hdlc_pwr.chk        HDLC Pseudo-Wire Emulation                       R1G02
p_relayr.chk        Packet Relay                                     R1G02
profiler.chk        System Profiler                                  R1G03
hwtest.chk          Hardware Tester                                  R1G08
lcf_cp.chk          Local Connectivity Function                      R1C01
bsp.drv             Board Support Package                            R1L04
bootstrap.chk       Bootstrap                                        R1K_2
loader.drv          Software Loader                                  R1A37
np_init_app.drv     APP3K Setup                                      R1N01
linuxload.drv       Linux Loader                                     R1N01

------------------- Firmware modules -------------------------------------
PBOOT               CXC 112 3777/1                                   R2B02
NP_INIT_T2.OSE      CXC 173 3983/2                                   R3A01
FPGA                -                                               0x2275

------------------- Software archives ------------------------------------
OSE                 CXP102169_1                                      R1S05
Linux               -                                                R1S05

OSE                 CXP102169_1                                      R1S05

------------------- Active software --------------------------------------
OSE                                                                Primary
Linux                                                              Primary

Synchronization / Clock Source

OSmon> getMOAttribute STN=0,Synchronization=0
STN=0,Synchronization=0; instanceId= 0;
STN=0,Synchronization=0; TS_STN_SynchStatus= synchronized;
STN=0,Synchronization=0; TS_UsedTimeServer= ;
STN=0,Synchronization=0; calibrationExpireDate= 20150829;
STN=0,Synchronization=0; calibrationStatus= CAL_NO_CONNECTION;
STN=0,Synchronization=0; synchType= notDefined;
STN=0,Synchronization=0; DSCP_Synchronization= 0;
STN=0,Synchronization=0; depIP_Interface= ;
STN=0,Synchronization=0; usedSynchSource= ;

OSmon> setmoattribute trans1 STN=0,Synchronization=0 synchType 
E1T1         clockInput   none         notDefined   synchE       timeServer   


If there is an 1PPS signal on the two left-most pins of the CLOCK connector (RS-422 level),
you will see calibrationStatus= CAL_PROGRESS_x followed by CAL_ONGOING

If the 1PPS signal is missing, you will see calibrationStatus= CAL_NO_CONNECTION

E1 interfaces

they must be created with

OSmon> starttransaction trans1

OSmon> createMO trans1 STN=0,E1T1Interface=0

OSmon> checkconsistency trans1

OSmon> commit trans1

OSmon> getmoattribute trans1 STN=0,E1T1Interface=0
STN=0,E1T1Interface=0; instanceId= 0;
STN=0,E1T1Interface=0; operationalState= disabled;
STN=0,E1T1Interface=0; type= E1;
STN=0,E1T1Interface=0; transmitClockSource= localTiming;
STN=0,E1T1Interface=0; receiveClockSource= notUsed;
STN=0,E1T1Interface=0; loopbackMode= off;
STN=0,E1T1Interface=0; loopbackStatus= off;
STN=0,E1T1Interface=0; loopbackRemainingTime= 0;
STN=0,E1T1Interface=0; fdlPerformanceReports= disabled;
OSmon> setmoattribute trans1 STN=0,E1T1Interface=0 transmitClockSource
localTiming   loopTiming    
OSmon> setmoattribute trans1 STN=0,E1T1Interface=0 receiveClockSource    
notUsed           timingReference   
OSmon> setmoattribute trans1 STN=0,E1T1Interface=0 type 
E1            E1_30         E1_UNFRAMED   T1            
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