Let's document our experience with regard to SFP transceivers in Ericsson RBS6000.

Fiber Type

In general, SFP transceivers can be bought for both multimode (MM) and single-mode (SM) fibers. In cellular networks, mostly SM fibers are used, as they support longer distances (kilometers) between DU and RRU. You cannot match a MM fiber with SM transceive and vice-versa

LC connector

There are LC-PC and LC-APC (angled) connectors. Tranceiver and fiber connector must match.

Transmission speed

CPRI has a variety of transmission speeds, depending on the number of RF carriers and the bandwdith of those carriers. For small deployments with older RBS equipment (as discussed here), 2.5Gbps CPRI line rate is typically sufficient.

Transceiver models

You can probably use any tranceiver supporting the respective line rate. Below are some that should work for sure:

Mfg PartNo Mode Rate (G) Distance
Ericsson RDH 102 47/2 SM 2.5 8km
Ericsson RDH 102 45/1 SM 1.25 (!) 15km
Ericsson RDH 102 65/2 SM 10 8km
Ericsson RDH 102 70/1 SM 10 10km
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