Radio 22xx

The successor of the RRUS are called Radio.
The first number seems to describe the TX path.
The second number seems to describe the RX path.

Depending on the band, the weight, output power, power consumption and supported
carrier varies slightly.

The new radio require SFP+ 10Gbit CPRI modules.

Overview of Radio heads:

GSM/WCDMA/LTE/NB-IoT means max carriers.

Product Input current (A) Max output power (W) Max GSM Max WCDMA Max LTE Max NB-IoT FDD/TDD CPRI (Gbps) Weight (kg) Notes
Radio 2212 2x 80 4dl/8ul 6dl/12ul 6dl/12ul 2 FDD 10.1 16.5 Different Revision exists
Radio 2217 2x 40 4 8 3 3 FDD 9.8 12.5
Radio 2242 2x 80 4dl/6ul 6dl/6ul 6dl/12ul 2 FDD 10.1 19.5 Supports more than 1 Band
Radio 2203 2x 5 0 4 3 2 FDD 9.8 4.5 Antenna can be mounted onto the unit
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