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h1. RUS 01 B3 

 h2. Connectors 


 h3. PWR 

 The power connector is the same type as is used for the [[DUG 20]] or [[DUL 20]]: 

 A jumper cable with this connector on both sides is called RPM 777 193/xxxxx (where xxxxxx is the length in mm). 

 {{thumbnail(RUS_01_B3_DC_in_detail.jpg, size=400)}} 


 h3. LEDs 

 {{thumbnail(RUS_01_B3_LED_detail.jpg, size=400)}} 

 h3. Front-Haul interface (CPRI) 

 These look like SFP connectors, but are not. They are of a special connector type, but have the same electrical signaling. 

 We presume Ericsson did this so you cannot easily use a RUS remotely by plugging in a SFP transceiver for fiber optic transmission. 

 Instead, you have to use special copper CPRI cables from Ericsson: RPM 777 211/xxxxx where xxxxx is the length in mm. 

 {{thumbnail(RUS_01_B3_Data2_Data1_detail.jpg, size=400)}} 

 h3. RF 

 {{thumbnail(RUS_01_B3_RF_A_detail.jpg, size=400)}} 
 {{thumbnail(RUS_01_B3_RF_B_detail.jpg, size=400)}} 

 h3. RXA OUT    RXB I/O 

 {{thumbnail(RUS_01_B3_RXA_RXB_detail.jpg, size=400)}} 

 h3. PA-Filter Jumper 

 {{thumbnail(RUS_01_B3_PA_Filter_jumper_removed_detail.jpg, size=400)}} 
 {{thumbnail(RUS_01_B3_PA_Filter_jumper_seperate_detail.jpg, size=400)}} 

 h3. Connector on the Back 

 {{thumbnail(RUS_01_B3_backplane_detail.jpg, size=400)}} 

 h2. Overview Pictures 

 {{thumbnail(RUS_01_B3_front_perspective.jpg, size=400)}} 
 {{thumbnail(RUS_01_B3_left_perspective.jpg, size=400)}} 
 {{thumbnail(RUS_01_B3_right_perspective.jpg, size=400)}} 
 {{thumbnail(RUS_01_B3_back_perspective.jpg, size=400)}} 
 {{thumbnail(RUS_01_B3_top_complete.jpg, size=400)}} 
 {{thumbnail(RUS_01_B3_bottom_complete.jpg, size=400)}}
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