The RUG is the first-generation Radio Unit for GSM. It can only be used with the DUG 10 but not with the later DUG 20 digital unit!

There's different RUG models, first by generation (RUG 01, RUG 11, ...) and second by band.

RF Side

The RUG has two separate Rx/Tx chains with each their own single-channel power amplifier (SCPA) and an internal hybrid combiner

The maximum RF output power is either
  • 2x 45W uncombined (two separate transmit outputs)
  • 2x 20W combined (as the hybrid combiner looses half the power)

Rx Diversity

The two receive paths can be used for Receive Diversity.

TCC (Transmit Coherent Combining)

There's an option to coherently combine the transmitter output of multiple RUG, resulting in up to 76W of RF output power for extended coverage macro cells, which then also can have up to x4 Rx diversity


The front-haul interface offers two CPRI links, each with a SFP slot.

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