RBS6402 Provisioning

The RBS6402 has 3 different provisioning

  • generic
  • standalone
  • warehouse (seems to be quality assurance)

How the provisioning works

The generic & standalone provisioning are quite similar. Both can be used with open5gs (or other core networks)
and do:

  1. get trusted CA (root CA)
  2. get own server certificate
  3. download & apply firmware upgrade
  4. apply configuration (netconf)
  5. get current time & date (e.g. ntp)
  6. get S1AP link (only if the cell is unlocked in netconf)

Difference between generic and standalone provisioning

The standalone provisioning must be configured via the provisioning webui (interactive) and uses a ssh-ca as authentication.
Standalone can only use certificates downloaded via sftp and not via SCEP/CEP (Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol).
While the generic provisioning will be configured via https without any user interaction and uses LDAP as authentication.
Also both use different kind of provisioning files.

How to debug configuration or provisioning problems?

- The rbs6402 has a log file which is persistence between reboot and factory resets. It's accessible via the provisioning webui or if you use a known-good provisioning and download it via sftp.
- The rbs6402 will retry it's provisioning every 15 minutes, however there are certain error which it won't reset on it's own.
- Restart via power will work in 95% of the cases to restart the provisioning.
- Factory reset via the button will always work.
- create a pcap via tcpdump/wireshark to see the different stages.

Restart provisioning from ssh

If the RBS6402 is (at least partly) provisioned you can connect to it through ssh:

$ ssh -l osmocom -p9830
# Password is osmocom123

known issues

  • The rbs6402 2018Q1 have sometimes problems if you configure 2x IPs within the same IP network (Host=1, Host=2). The provisioning might hang when retrieving the current time even ntp traffic looks fine.

provisioning webui

The rbs6402 will open a webui when both ethernet interfaces are connected (rj45 and sfp) and have a link. The webui can also be use to watch the provisioning progress.
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