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laforge, 09/14/2021 05:28 PM
document location of factory reset button


Contrary to the General/typical RBS6000 family, the RBS6402 is a small cell. It is not modular and doesn't consist of modules like DUL/RUS. It doesn't have any CPRI connections. It can support up to three radio modules and comes in a varity of different LTE bands.



this is a standard SFP connector, you can use any gigabit ethernet compatible MM or SM SFP module on it


Use a LTPoE++ capable 90W PoE injector here


This is a standard 3.5mm terminal block. You can e.g. use a Wurth Electronic 691361100002 or Phoenix contact MC 1,5/2-ST-3,5


The fan connector has two pins with +5V and two pins with GND. You can use a Molex 43025-0408 part to mate it. This is just the housing, you will need crimp contacts and matching crimp tool, or you use pre-crimped wires like Molex 79758-0010.

The two top pins (near the latch) are GND, while the two bottom pins (near the enclosure) are +5V.

factory reset button

On the back (connector) side, in one corner there is a black rubber cap over some kind of high density debug connector. You have to remove that rubber cap completely (not just the connector part) and will notice a pushbutton underneath the location where the rubber lid is fixed to the enclosure.

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