NCD 901 60/1 GPS Receiver

The NCD 901 60/1 is a GPS receiver for clock reference purpose, sold as accessory to the RBS6402 eNodeB.

Major internal parts

It consists of the following major parts:


External interfaces


RJ45 conenctor to RBS6402

pin-out and signals are yet TBD, but judging from other Ericsson GPS receivers, it is safe to assume 12V supply and RS485 for NMEA.

SMA connector to GNSS antenna

The SMA connector features a 5V/1W isolated phantom power DC supply

Part Numbers

Part Number Description
NCD 901 60/1 GPS Receiver Unit (with RJ45 and SMA)
RPM 5132372/2900 RBS6402 GPS Cable (RJ45 + proprietary connector)
TSR 432 151/3000 DUS GPS Cable (RJ45 to RJ45)
NTB 801 0070/1 Kit consisting of three items above

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