The moshell is the managed object shell.
It can run under linux or on windows using cygwin.
It's using java, bash, awk, perl, ssh.

Install moshell on debian buster

apt-get install less file man openjdk-11-jre-headless unzip zip inetutils-ping

cd /tmp
cd /tmp/moshell/
bash ./moshell_install

connect to a digital unit

The DUL is reachable via LMT (local management terminal) or via TN (side network).
Configure your host to and connect to the LMT port.


The moshell will connect via ssh, http, corba to the DUL.

The moshell might try to connect to the side network (TN A/TN B ports). In this case set the a route
for the IP to E.g. ip route add via
To change this to call `set IpOam=1,Ip=1 nodeInterfaceName le0`
./moshell> lt all

Last MO:   950. Loaded  950 MOs. Total:   951 MOs.

FOO> lpr

Total: 947 MOs

FOO> al

Sever Specific Problem                    MO (Cause/AdditionalInfo)
Min   Password File Fault                 Security=1 (configuration_or_customizing_error)
>>> Total: 1 Alarms (0 Critical, 0 Major)


useful commands

lt all - load full tree
lpr - show matching MOs or all
momt - show mo model tree
momt ManagedElementData - show the momtree of ManagedElementData
mom ManagedElementData - show mom of the ManagedElementData
mom ManagedElementData deleteNtpThird - show the action/attribute of the ManagedElementData
momd ManagedElementData all - show all attributes, one per line
al - show alarms
st - show the state of MO
cvms - create a new configuration file

further reference

  • MoShell User Guide
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