DUG 10

This is the first-generation GSM Digital Unit for RBS 6xxx. It combines the baseband processing and back-haul interface of up to 12 TRX, in 1..6 logical BTSs.

The DUG 10 is only compatible with the RUG radio units, not with the later RUS or RRUS units.

Front Haul

The DUG 10 has 6 HSIO connectors for the interface towards the RUG units. The cable between DUG 10 and RUG is called "RPM 777 301/00900"

Back-Haul interface

The back-haul interface is Classic T1/E1 (ISDN) based. The DUG 10 has four T1/E1 ports exposed as RJ45 connectors.

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