PRU Approach

Dieter has had the idea to build this using the PRU unit[s] of a TI AM335x processor.

The idea would be to at least prototype using a beaglebord + the PRU-Cape

The main differences of a PRU based solution compared to XMOS are:

+ could run OsmoBSC or OsmoMGW or whatever one would want to run on the ARM core
+ can directly provide Ethernet, so no worries with custom USB drivers on Windows (Dieter)
0 no need to learn about XMOS programming (But then, PRU programming...)
- need to investigate Linux kernel interface to PRU (remoteproc, rpmsg, virtio)
+ not having to rely on exotic low-stock part (XMOS)
0 both variants could be produced in series
- LIU+XMOS likely lower cost than AM335x-SOM+LIU
- not possible in a "USB Adapter form factor for usb-powered use" with Laptop or as general peripheral. Well, actually, yes, using USB gadget on the AM335x, but it will be rather large

where "+" means advantage for PRU, while "-" means disadvantage of PRU compared to XMOS. "0" is neutral.

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