Osmocom OBS

The Osmocom binary packages are built with OBS (Open Build Service) hosted on In order to do that, the jenkins jobs Osmocom_OBS_latest / _nightly (config) checkout the source repositories and build debian source packages, then upload these to OBS.

OBS has a hierarchical namespace of projects, of which we currently use
  • osmocom:* for official package repositories of osmocom, like the osmocom:latest and osmocom:nightly
  • home:* as a personal playground / staging area for developers

OBS access

Osmocom developers can register user accounts on OBS (sadly separate and not via redmine openID provider). This gives access to creating personal OBS projects, i.e. additional package feeds for development and testing

The osc command-line client

Many operations are easier when performed via the osc command-line client rather than the web UI of OBS.

In order to make osc access instead of the default, you can specify the -A command-line option. See the man pages for more details.

The osmocom:* projects

For more information on these builds, how they are created, see OBS_Maintenance.

All packages marked as publish in their configuration are rsync'ed over to

Write access to the osmocom: projects requires respective group membership, please contact laforge in case you need it.

The home:* projects

Every OBS user automatically gets their own home: project, for example if your user name was foo, your home project would be home:foo

You can build packages either directly in that home project, or you can create any number of sub-projects below, like home:foo:bar.

All packages marked as publish in their configuration are rsync'ed over to

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