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We are using Mailing Lists to communicate with each other. In general we follow email etiquette like this and it is appreciated to read this before posting.

Please make sure to read our Mailing List Rules before posting.


Please read the above email etiquette and whenever you post something try to be as specific as possible, attempt to understand what is going on yourself, then provide log files, packet traces, etc.


To post on our mailing lists, you should be subscribed first.
In below list, click on the corresponding "subscribe" link on the right to do so.
On the page that opens, all you need to enter is your email address, the rest is optional.

All mailing list info pages are listed here., *current* archives here

Below are the links to the **OLD** , pre-February 2022 Archives:

Email address of list Purpose Subscribe OLD Archive Gmane
OsmocomBB - open source GSM baseband firmware subscribe archive gmane
Osmocom GMR - an ETSI GMR receiver subscribe archive
Discussion on the Linux kernel DECT stack subscribe archive
Development of OpenBSC, OsmoBSC, OsmoNITB, OsmoMSC, OsmoMGW, OsmoHLR, OsmoSTP, ... subscribe archive
Announcements by the Osmocom project subscribe archive gmane
List for commercial offerings related to Osmocom projects subscribe archive
Commitog of the Osmocom git repositories subscribe archive
Discussions on the idea of an Osmocom CardOS (COS) subscribe archive
Discussions around osmocom event organization subscribe archive
Discussion on the Osmocom network-side GPRS components like OsmoPCU, OsmoSGSN subscribe archive
Discussion on Osmocom SDR projects (OsmoSDR, rtl-sdr) subscribe archive
Discussion related to the Osmocom SIMtrace subscribe archive
Discussion on OsmocomTETRA development subscribe archive
UmTRX related discussion subscribe archive gmane
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