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h1. Project Osmocom mailing list rules
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You are strongly advised to go through these set of rules before posting to any of the Osmocom mailing lists.
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Failure to comply with list rules may result in removal of your messages from the archive, forced unsubscription/ban from the list, or setting your status to moderated.
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h2. Subject Line
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Make sure that your post contains a valid subject line containing a gist of your post rather than things like 'Help!!!', 'HELP ME PLEEEEEASE', 'Urgent Request' or 'Proposal'.
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Also, don't be afraid to modify the subject if a discussion has moved to a different topic than that originally present in the subject!
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h2. Top-posts
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Do not "top-post/full-quote" (reply to a message by adding text to the top of the message and quoting the full original message), as it loses the reader and the flow of the message and can annoy other readers.
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For more information, see
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h2. Overquoting
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If you are replying to another message, quote only the portions of that message that you are specifically responding to, and insert your comments after those quotes. Do not simply quote back the entire message! Trim off everything apart from the most relevant lines of the original message.
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In general, your reply should contain at least as much text as the amount of text you are quoting, if not more. Never quote back dozens of lines of text and simply add a single line of text to the bottom - people will *hate* you for that!
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h2. HTML Messages
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HTML is not email, and email doesn't contain HTML, so please turn HTML formatting OFF in your email client. Do not use italics, colors, bold, fonts, pictures, sounds, or other HTML elements. Please use only 7-bit characters when sending email to the lists, with proper quoted printable encoding.
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The above applies both to HTML-only e-mail, as well as to e-mail that contains an alternative HTML portion together with plain-text.
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Mails should always be plain-text only.
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h2. Message Recycling / Threading
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Do not start a New message or thread by hitting "Reply" in your mail client and changing the subject. When you do this, you mess up other participant's ability to read mail in a threaded fashion. When you mean to post a new message, use New, and when you want to reply to an existing message, hit Reply.
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h2. Pseudo-legal disclaimers
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Do not attach obnoxious pseudo-legal, nonsensical disclaimers to your messages. People on Free Software / open source lists do not like to be threatened with these. If your company insists on attaching such disclaimers to messages going out to mailing lists (where, by definition, the sender has *NO* control over who gets to see the message), then either use a free / webmail system, or just don't post.
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h2. Off-topic
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Stay on-topic for the list. This isn't a good place to discuss automobiles, politics, music, or anything that is not related to the respective Osmocom mailing list. Sometimes topics will diverge from the general discussion, but please try to keep it relevant to the list topic.
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h2. No SPAM/UCE/UBE/Sales/Marketing/Commercials
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The lists are for technical discussion of developers and users of the given Osmocom software project only.
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*Do not send any spam, commercial announcements, product news, corporate press releases or other non-technical messages to our lists.*
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This includes invitations to newsletters, whether contained in the body of your e-mail, or in the signature.
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h2. Message time and date
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Please make sure the date and time on your computer is always current. When your date is set to something such as the year 2099, messages posted by you will get sorted based on that date, which may put them outside of the related month or year they belong in.
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h2. List Archives
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All messages sent to one of our mailinglists will be archived in the mailinglist archive. The archives are accessible to any interested party, and email addresses will not be obscured.  Furthermore, it is customary practise for various other sites (like gmane, MARC, etc.) to keep their own independent list archives.
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Thus, be careful in what you post.  After you have sent it, it will be distributed to hundreds of other project members and will be published in several public archives.
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