Letters of Support

Many Osmocom projects are used by reasearchers, academia and industry. This wiki page is used to collect letters of support / recommendations.

This collection will
  1. help us to underline the significance of our work in applications for funding / grants, and
  2. show evidence of existing use cases of Osmocom

The Osmocom project would like to thank the respective institutions for taking their support and for allowing us to publish those letters.

Academic Research

Arizona State University (USA)

PDF version available at 202102-asu-letter_of_support.pdf

Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum (Germany)

PDF version available at 202102-rub-letter_of_support.pdf

Pennsylvania State University (USA)

PDF version available at 202102-pennstate-letter_of_support.pdf

SINTEF Digital (Norway)

PDF version available at 202102-sintef-letter_of_support.pdf

Technical University of Berlin (Germany)

PDF version available at 202102-tuberlin-letter_of_support.pdf

Non-Governmental Organizations


PDF version available at 202102-rhizomatica-letter_of_support.pdf

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