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h1. _Latest_ Builds

sysmocom has setup Debian source package builds for the _latest_ version tag of the Osmocom GSM related software. Starting from October 28, 2017, there are daily builds for

* Debian 8 (i586, amd64)
* Debian 9 (i586, amd64)
* xUbuntu 16.04 (i586, amd64)
* xUbuntu 16.10 (i586, amd64)
* xUbuntu 17.04 (i586, amd64)
* xUbuntu 17.10 (amd64)

The Osmocom jenkins will build source packages once a day and upload them to the Open(SUSE) Build Service (OBS).

The OBS page is at

A nice status overview on the builds is available at

h2. How to use the _osmocom:latest_ builds

The download repositories are at:


Adding the repository to your Debian 8 system:
sudo su
sha256sum Release.key
=> 487d3c309facae16e83b3863bc042033fd02c41eb7183ced196d83225abb5729
apt-key add Release.key
echo "deb ./" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/osmocom-latest.list
apt-get update

h2. How are those builds created?

See for corresponding build job.

The script at is used to
* obtain a current clone of the respective git repository
* check out the latest version tag in that repository
* build debian source packages
* upload them to the OBS *network:osmocom:latest* sub-project.

It's possible to reproduce the latest nightly builds locally using
osc co
osc build

To test local changes with nightly infrastructure one can create local packages the same way jenkins job above does:
gbp buildpackage -S -uc -us --git-ignore-new --git-export-dir=/tmp
and than repeat build steps outlined above for local build.

h2. E-Mail Notifications of build failures

Build failure notifications are sent to the "gerrit-log mailing list":
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