This page lists a variety of topics that might be interesting for Osmocom developers to look at in terms of future features that might be interesting to investigate from an Osmocom point of view. The list was created by laforge in February 27, and is the result of going through the list of major changes from 3GPP Rel-4 through Rel-14.

See also GSMStandards

Push-to-talk over Cellular (IMS based)

Multiple TBF Support (GPRS)

Extended Uplink TBF (GPRS)

Multiplexing of GPRS and EGPRS mobile stations

Network Assisted Cell Change (GPRS)

PS Handover in A/Gb interface (GPRS/UMTS)

Voice Call Continuity CS - IMS

Diameter on GGSN Gi interface

3GPP CS interworking with BICC/ISUP and SIP-I networks

Latency reduction (GPRS / EGPRS2)

NcSIP (SIP Between G-MSCs?)


GERAN / LTE re-selection and hand-over

A over IP interface

A5/4 + GEA4

BSC - CBC Protocol (CBSP)

M2M subscription provisioning

Local IP Access (LIPA)

Local Call Local Switching (LCLS)

Multi Operator Network in GERAN (MOCN-GERAN)

GERAN improvements for Machine Type Communications

Mission-Critical Push-to-talk over LTE (MCPTT)

Optimizations for High-Latency Communications (HLcom)

Extended DRX cycle for Power Consumption ()eDRX


User-Plane Congestion (UPCON)

Application-Specific congestion control for Data Comms (ACDC)

Enhancements for Proximity-based services (eProSe)

RTP + RTCP multiplexing

Enhanced CS Fallback


Study on subscriber privacy impact

Study on Lawful Intercept Service Evolution

Solutions for GSM/Edge BTS Energy Saving


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