Hardware Donations

The developers behind the Osmocom Project (OpenBSC, OsmoSGSN, OsmoGGSN and others) are always looking for anyone who
has some surplus GSM carrier equipment
and is willing to donate or borrow it to the project. It doesn't matter if it is outdated, and we don't care if it is physically large.

Specifically, we are interested in any kind of

  • base station equipment
    • BTS (Base Transceiver Station)
    • NodeB / eNodeB
    • hNodeB / heNodeB
  • RAN
    • BSC
    • RNC
  • core network components
    • MSC/VLR
    • HLR/AUC
    • SGSN
    • GGSN
    • MGW
  • measurement and test equipment for any interface, at any level

equipment. If you have something else, don't hesitate to offer it anyway.

If you have some equipment that you want to donate to help the Osmocom Free Software projects, please contact Harald at

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