GRcard SIM 2

The GRcard SIM version 2 is a programmable GSM SIM card.
It is a GSM-only card, implementing GSM 11.11 only, without UICC or USIM!
These cards were once sold by sysmocom (some time around 2013) as sysmoSIM-GR2, although it appears that this offering was short-lived.
A more recent (2021) version of the same actual card model is FreeCalypso Community SIM model FCSIM1 - it is the same programmable card as sysmoSIM-GR2, but with different printing on the plastic.
The actual manufacturer of these cards is GRcard in China; it is remarkable that the same card model remained available from the days of sysmoSIM-GR2 (2013?) through early 2021, but it is not known whether or not it is still available in the present day - we won't know unless someone else in the community reaches out to GRcard and tries to order another batch of this card model.

This card model is different from the previous sysmoSIM-GR1 aka GrcardSIM1!

There is limited programming support for this old card model in pySim (specifically, legacy, but since the same card has been adopted in FreeCalypso, there is extensive programming support for it in fc-simtool as well as extensive documentation.


  • ADM is access level 05
  • SUPER ADM is access level 0b, and the default PIN is 88888888 (encoded 3838383838383838)

Command reference

To understand this reference, it is assumed that you are familiar with basic knowledge on smartcard
technologies, such as standard ISO 7816-3/-4 APDUs and ETSI TS 51.011 (previously GSM TS 11.11).

Writing files

Files (ICCID, IMSI, …) can be written using the standard SIM commands (UPDATE BINARY/RECORD).

Security: ADM


Uses a non-standard APDU A0 D4 P1 P2 08 PIN

  • P1: 3A for PIN, 3B for PUK
  • P2: CHV number, as in VERIFY CHV for PIN (01 for PIN1, 02 for PIN2, 05 for ADM, 0b for SUPER ADM), and as in UNBLOCK CHV for PUK (00 for PUK1, 02 for PUK2)
  • PIN: 8 byte PIN/PUK, encoded as in VERIFY CHV

Security: ADM

Ki & algo

Ki & the A3A8 algorithm are stored in the transparent file EF.WEKI (id 0001) under DF.GSM (id 7F20)

binary value: 0010 ALGO Ki

  • ALGO is the A3A8 algorithm used:
    • COMP128V1: 00
    • COMP128V2: 01
    • COMP128V3: 02
  • Ki: 16 byte secret key

Security: SUPER ADM

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