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Wiki: Manually_building_a_distribution_package
h1. Manually building a distribution package ... er For a clean build base, create a fresh debian 10 (buster) container. on lxc host: <p ... sha256sum Release.key | grep ... ./ deb-src ./ END apt-get update apt-get install ... # update the changelog and commit gbp dch --debian-tag='%(version)s' --auto --meta --git-author ... -r -m --distribution "unstable" "" git add debian/changelog git commit -m "manual package 1.6 ... buildpackage -uc -us -tc ls ../*.deb </pre> 09/16/2020 12:16 PM
Bug #4733 (New): RPM feeds don't have conflicts between nightly/latest/next
For the Debian package feeds, we have a mechanism in place ... this for RPM based distributions like CentOS. 08/27/2020 06:51 PM
Bug #4619 (Resolved): ttcn3-bsc-test: all LCLS test cases broken since build #987
Check out ... -repo-install-test: new image (detail) > 2. debian-repo-install-test: move scripts to osmo-ci ( ... e that ttcn3-bsc-test-latest is not affected. 06/17/2020 09:14 AM
Bug #4573 (Resolved): [centos] ttcn3-msc-test: 177 failures!
See ... "on FD %u\n", fd); </code></pre> 05/31/2020 06:37 PM
Bug #4571 (Resolved): TTCN3-centos-sip-test: 4/5 tests failing
This log message seems related: SIP_Test-S ... /view/TTCN3-centos/job/TTCN3-centos-sip-test/ 05/30/2020 09:48 AM
Bug #4570 (Resolved): TTCN3-centos-bsc-test: 159 failing tests
TTCN3-centos-bsc-test: 159 / 163 tests are fa ... /view/TTCN3-centos/job/TTCN3-centos-bsc-test/ 05/30/2020 09:31 AM
Bug #4569 (Rejected): TTCN3-centos8: netcat doesn't start
pcap dumps are not available for TTCN3-centos ... with --exec or --sh-exec. QUITTING. </pre> 05/29/2020 01:51 PM
Bug #4568 (Rejected): libfftranscode is not available for centos
centos8-titan contains a hack to install the debian package, as there is no rpm package availabl ... m package at some point and remove this hack. 05/29/2020 01:26 PM
Bug #4567 (Stalled): rpm is failing on jenkins slave admin2-deb9build in docker
When running Osmocom-repo-install-centos on a ... nstall-centos/feed=next,label=osmocom-master-debian9/9/console <pre> error: rpmdb: BDB0060 PAN ... e recovery Error: Transaction failed </pre> 05/29/2020 06:17 AM
Feature #4564 (Resolved): Run ttcn-3 testsuite with centos packages
05/25/2020 07:18 AM
Feature #4563 (Resolved): install test for centos packages (like the debian install test)
Create jenkins jobs, that install all centos ... official repositories for nightly and latest. 05/25/2020 07:16 AM
Bug #4562 (Resolved): OBS: limesuite fails to build
The Limesuite package has not been built for various debian distributions in the build infrastructure we use (OBS), because of a dependency rename between debian versions: libwxgtk3.0-dev <> libwxgtk3.0- ... ecause the dependencies are checked again by debian's dpkg and it finds that what's installed does not match the debian/control file: dpkg-checkbuilddeps: error: Unmet build dependencies: libwxgtk3.0-dev 05/22/2020 06:10 AM
Feature #4550 (Resolved): Integrate RPM spec files into Osmocom repositories and build them on OBS
The spec files from @roox will be integrated ... e commit messages, more details will follow.) 05/13/2020 07:25 AM
Bug #4315 (Resolved): OBS nightly: "nothing provides libgcrypt2"
Right now, we have a high amount of packages ... e is a libgcrypt20 package: 12/09/2019 07:50 AM
Bug #4276 (Resolved): update-osmo-ci-on-slaves fails on build2-deb8build-ansible ... unted properly on the system? FWIW, on my debian 9 installation, building the image works and ... with access to the server have a look at it? 11/22/2019 11:14 AM
Bug #4246 (Resolved): Debian testing/unstable fails to build osmocom due to python-nwdiag -> python3-nwdiag transitio
osmo-gsm-manuals depends on python-nwdiag, while debian unstable only has python3-nwdiag. As most o ... this causes build failures across the board. 11/05/2019 01:59 AM
Bug #4227 (Resolved): all package builds for Debian testing and unstable fail
See ... etwork:osmocom:nightly are failing for both Debian Unstable and Testing. All seem to somehow de ... ects, and don't have any related Depends in debian/control. Does anyone else observe this problem? The packages build nicely on my local Debian unstable installation. However, I not that Debian unstable has meanwhile released libperl5.30, so maybe some package still depends on the old 5.28? 10/15/2019 11:38 AM
Support #4198 (New): Ignoring TX data, transceiver offline.
I'm running 0smo-TRX + Osmo-BTS-TRX with USRP B100 on a Debian 8 using an Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N2800 @ 1.8 ... to an OsmoNITB station on the same network, Debian 8 Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7600 CPU @ 3.50GHz. N ... Osmo-TRX 09/11/2019 06:19 PM
Bug #4183 (Resolved): osmo-gsm-manuals failures on OBS for quite some time
Visit Package network:osmocom:nightly/osmo-gsm-manuals failed to build in Debian_Unstable/x86_64 Check out the package for ... j1 returned exit code 2 [ 565s] make: *** [debian/rules:5: binary] Error 255 [ 565s] dpkg-buildpackage: error: fakeroot debian/rules binary subprocess returned exit status ... i Aug 30 02:37:47 UTC 2019. [ 568s] </pre> 08/30/2019 10:10 AM
Feature #4132 (New): idea: osmo-gsm-manuals: use asciidoctor-pdf instead of a2x
Right now we are using a2x to convert from as ... ently asciidoctor-pdf is only available from debian 10 (buster) onwards: May ... en asciidoctor-pdf is included in the oldest debian release that we support. 07/29/2019 07:38 AM
Bug #4131 (Stalled): osmo-gsm-manuals: Use leveloffset attribute on common documents
Right now, all documents under osmo-gsm-manua ... ffset.html 07/26/2019 01:04 PM
Bug #4123 (Rejected): gcc & LTO related issues
The new and shiny gcc 9.x will happily do cro ... breaks all tests that are using this feature. 07/19/2019 11:22 PM
Feature #4109 (New): debian-repo-install-test: start a virtual MS and perform a LU
We could extend #3369 (which made debian-repo-install-test start up all systemd servi ... subscriber (phone) and do a location update. 07/16/2019 12:36 PM
Bug #4108 (New): osmo-ctrl2cgi, osmo-trap2cgi: missing default configs
Default configs for osmo-ctrl2cgi and osmo-trap2cgi do not get installed in the debian packages. Therefore the systemd services don ... hink that the programs are not widely used. 07/16/2019 12:30 PM
Wiki: OBS_Maintenance
h1. OBS Maintenance {{>toc}} The Osmo ... ) checkout the source repositories and build debian *source* packages, then upload these to OBS. ... ifying packages h3. (Optional) modify the debian dir * clone the source git repository * make changes to the debian dir * commit your changes * push to a "use ... home:USERNAME * if you made changes to the debian dir, insert your branch name after the relat ... as usually. h2. Troubleshooting h3. Debian dir doesn't work for multiple debian versions Following what has been done for osmo-trx: * create the debian dir to work with the latest debian stable * create a patch that would make it work with an earlier release (debian 8) and save it as debian/patches/build-for-debian8.patch * adjust the osmocom-* scripts to upload a second ... 04/17/2019 09:56 AM
Bug #3899 (Resolved): user manuals are not part of debian "-doc" packages
Now that the user manuals are built alongside ... rence manuals were also packaged in a "-doc" debian sub-package, i.e. that osmo-bts-doc would contain the osmo-bts usermanual + vty reference manual. 04/03/2019 07:26 AM
Bug #3809 (Resolved): Osmocom-Debian-install-test fails since February 9
for the last 10 days our "Debian installation test" job is consistently faili ... ps:// It somehow seems to be re ... versions where we use a 0.5 package from the debian feed: > Get:358 stretch/main amd64 libsoapysdr0.5-2 amd64 0. ... ./ soapysdr0.7-module-lms7 19.01.0-1 [49 ... of any change that would have triggered this? 02/20/2019 08:46 AM
Feature #3779 (New): explore providing a VM i ... ll of osmocom CNI and related tools installed
For gnuradio this exists (I don't think it's ... thing similar, whree we'd start with a stock debian/ubuntu, and then * pull in the osmo* packa ... ch might actually want to become part of the debian -doc packages) 02/03/2019 11:19 PM
Bug #3773 (Resolved): tcc-deb9build: scripts/ not in path
From ... t,a3=default,a4=default,label=osmocom-master-debian9/console <pre> + ./contrib/ Err ... eployed when running the ansible playbook ?!? 01/31/2019 09:37 AM
Bug #3772 (Rejected): new build host tcc-deb9build: failure to push manuals
For some reason, the new "tcc-deb9build" jenk ... t,a3=default,a4=default,label=osmocom-master-debian9/54/console The ansible playbook has full ... ween that build slave and the jenkins master. 01/31/2019 09:33 AM
Bug #3771 (Resolved): osmo-msc Debian package does not depend on libdbd-sqlite3
Therefore it fails to start up with: <pre> ... .db </pre> Found this while fixing #3767. 01/29/2019 10:04 AM
Bug #3753 (New): Update .deb to use dh_missing
While building .deb for libosmocore following ... kages because they might have similar issues. 01/09/2019 01:36 PM
Bug #3720 (Resolved): Jenkins can't upload to
On 22th of November, master-simtrace2 started ... t,a2=default,a3=default,label=osmocom-master-debian9/197/console This is not related to the m ... e mechanism (so it is blocked by this issue). 12/06/2018 12:53 PM
Feature #3699 (Stalled): merge Debian patches
There're numerous patches from Debian developers available via: individual package links example: Relevant ... the first link. Some of those patches are Debian-specific while others are generally relevant ... evant patches to gerrit for review. Note: Debian seems to have the most recent versions packa ... 11/19/2018 01:41 PM
Bug #3694 (New): Fix lintian warnings in .deb packages
There's a nice overview page with links to li ... s/warnings for all the packages currently in Debian: This gives a nice overview of what coul ... rivial to fix, others will require more work. 11/14/2018 02:27 PM
Wiki: Accelerate3g5_--_unrznbl
h1. Accelerate3g5 -- unrznbl h2. Participa ... qualcomm quectel modules h2. Details * debian linux * EC20 module * iPhone 4 * various ... of data on the USB serial port on fernvale) 10/17/2018 02:19 PM
Bug #3661 (Resolved): latest stable packages report "UNKNOWN" as version string in --version
A jenkins job was implemented in #3555 to che ... ps:// Slightly off to ... ld we change this (after the issue is fixed)? 10/17/2018 09:56 AM
Bug #3598 (Resolved): jenkins "master" jobs u ... ompile flags than "gerrit" build verification
09/25/2018 08:53 PM
Feature #3555 (Resolved): debian-repo-install-test: check if binaries report UNKNOWN as version string
In #3176 a new Jenkins job is created, that checks if the packages from the Debian repository can be installed on a plain Debian image that did not have Osmocom packages bef ... nted": ... an be worked on as soon as #3176 is finished. 09/14/2018 08:28 AM
Bug #3551 (Resolved): A few projects still set up .tarball-version incorrectly in debian/rules
From libosmo-sccp: <pre> commit c3b1f636c94 ... Date: Mon Aug 6 11:12:33 2018 +0200 debian/rules: Don't overwrite .tarball-version ... identifying the git commit, and not the Debian package name. With https://gerrit.osm ... d93614 Related: OS#3449 diff --git a/debian/rules b/debian/rules index 279568f..bea0a76 100755 --- a/debian/rules +++ b/debian/rules @@ -23,10 +23,6 @@ override_dh_instal ... </pre> <pre> $ ag tarball-version | grep debian/rules libsmpp34/debian/rules:18: echo $(VERSION) > .tarball-version libgtpnl/debian/rules:29: echo $(VERSION) > .tarball-version libusrp/debian/rules:16: echo $(VERSION) > .tarball-version libusrp/debian/rules:28: rm -f tests/package.m4 test ... l-version osmocom-bb/src/shared/libosmocore/... 09/13/2018 10:04 AM
Bug #3543 (Closed): Conflicting Debian packages: abisip-find and osmocom-ipaccess-utils
During the implementation of #3176 I have dis ... osmocom-ipaccess-utils </pre> 09/10/2018 01:50 PM
Bug #3541 (Rejected): Conflicting Debian packages: python3-osmopy-utils and osmocom-nitb
During the implementation of #3176 I have dis ... (this is only on "nightly", not in "latest") 09/10/2018 01:44 PM
Wiki: Wireshark
h1. Wireshark "wireshark":http://www.wires ... or example). See #2537 for an effort to ship Debian binary packages with Osmocom patches applied ... libssh-devel libgcrypt-devel flex byacc| | Debian | (run @sudo apt-get build-dep wireshark@ to ... g|ProtocolTracking wiki page of old OpenBSC]] 09/07/2018 02:08 PM
Bug #3457 (Resolved): docker-playground: repository 'laforge/debian-jessie-build' not found
There is a problem appearing when building Docker images based on 'laforge/debian-jessie-build'... After building, the 'debian-jessie-build' image is being tagged accordin ... rule: <pre> $(USER)/$(IMAGE) # e.g. user/debian-jessie-build </pre> so, *if the current ... ectory `/home/user/osmocom/docker-playground/debian-jessie-build' make -C osmo-stp-master make ... er daemon 9.216kB Step 1/16 : FROM laforge/debian-jessie-build repository laforge/debian-jessie-build not found: does not exist or no ... r 2 </pre> because *there is no 'laforge/debian-jessie-build'*, there are: <pre> # docke ... ID CREATED SIZE user/debian-jessie-build latest 1f6421af8bfc 15 minutes ago 621MB debian jessie 79f4b ... think, may we parametrize the 'FROM laforge/... 08/08/2018 07:05 PM
Feature #3455 (Rejected): docker-playground/debian-jessie-build/Dockerfile: specific packages
While building the recent 'debian-jessie-build' Docker image, I noticed that t ... specify them in the individual Dockerfiles... 08/08/2018 03:46 PM
Feature #3386 (New): Generate man pages at build time from adoc files
Once we have documentation being build in eac ... nable-man is passed. Then, install it in the debian packages (which means we in turn need to mod ... sm-manuals.git in there when sending to OBS). 07/06/2018 10:24 AM
Feature #3385 (Resolved): Move project specif ... gsm-manuals to each respective git repository
Following subdirs in osmo-gsm-manuals.git sho ... file (which is also included in user manual). 07/06/2018 10:18 AM
Bug #3382 (New): Investigate and fix lintian issues listed by Debian Lintian Report
This web page lists a list of warnings which we may want to fix: 07/05/2018 11:37 AM
Bug #3369 (Resolved): no automatic testing of Debian/Ubuntu packages
We should have some automatic test job for the Debian/Ubuntu packages to ensure that the packaging ... f the processes are properly started by them. 06/28/2018 10:12 PM
Bug #3268 (Resolved): execute TTCN3 test suites against "latest" feeds
It would be good to run our test suites not o ... erent TTCN-3 testsuite config files, etc :((( 05/15/2018 08:01 PM
Wiki: Titan_TTCN3_Testsuites
h1. Osmocom Titan TTCN3 Testsuites {{>toc} ... transcoding library called libfftranscode. Debian9 amd64 packages are available from https://f ... ttp://, this (currently) p ... -titan package from the [[Latest_Builds]] on Debian 9.0":. <pre> $ apt install eclipse-titan ... 05/11/2018 10:16 AM
Feature #3229 (New): build-system: Improve debian package generation test coverage during gerrit submission
The idea is to add extra tests/checks to avoid breaking debian package building during nightly builds in OB ... nd of lint tool available for this purposes. 05/03/2018 12:40 PM
Feature #3228 (Resolved): build-system: check match between debian package names and shared object files
Debian names packages containing shared object libr ... fact that ABIs can be backwards compatible. Debian uses major to generate the package name. ... variable in with regards to the debian package name in debian/, and as a result we can end up for instance ... 1.0 library files, which is wrong, since the debian package name should match the installed majo ... it, we should add some extra logic/hooks to debian/rules to match filenames being added to a library package are correct regarding its package name. 05/03/2018 12:36 PM
Bug #3176 (Resolved): osmocom debian packages are not install / upgrade tested
We've recently seen some packaging bugs relat ... from scratch on the respective base distro (debian 8/9, ...) * start with a docker image that ... hink it could come in handy for related tests 04/16/2018 03:03 PM
Bug #3072 (Resolved): osmo-gsm-manuals fail to build since move to https
Since a few days ago, is redirect ... ENOENT (No such file or directory) </pre> 03/17/2018 01:08 PM
Bug #3043 (Resolved): A5/3 encryption fails
This was discussed a bit on the mailing list ... o-pcu - osmo-sgsn - osmo-ggsn I’m using a Debian 9 VM and tried both the packages from osmoco ... itional information if needed. ------------- 03/08/2018 10:15 AM
Wiki: MacroBinaryPackages
h2. Binary Packages Osmocom provides binary packages for several flavors of Debian and Ubuntu GNU/Linux on a variety of archite ... [[cellular-infrastructure:Binary_Packages]] 03/05/2018 03:27 PM
Bug #2940 (Resolved): ttcn3-msc-test: Dockerfile fails to update deps
Re-running docker-playground's /ttcn3-msc-tes ... r that is up-to-date: <pre> FROM laforge/debian-stretch-titan [...] RUN cd osmo-ttcn3-hack ... ld --no-cache -t neels/ttcn3-msc-test .</pre> 02/13/2018 01:13 PM
Bug #2845 (Resolved): Coverity-Upload broken due to alleged missing sysmocom/femtobts/superfemto.h
See This also seems some fall-out ... es, it just makes tons of other things break. 01/20/2018 02:58 PM
Support #2834 (Resolved): 2018-01: we should update the 'latest' feeds
Recently, I recommended someone to use the la ... experiencing this error in Latest packages (Debian 9): > "The following packages have unmet de ... nds: libosmo-mgcp0 but it is not installable" 01/16/2018 02:08 PM
Feature #2819 (Resolved): migrate to python3
Python 2 is scheduked for complete deprecatio ... support for python 2 from osmo-python-tests. 01/07/2018 11:37 AM
Bug #2708 (Resolved): build failures with linux_amd64_debian9
In case of libosmocore (current master), the default master build job is using linux_amd64_debian8 build host where everything works fine. If we enable newer linux_amd64_debian9 than we hit build failures. Possible reason is that the newer toolchain in Debian9 is strickter than the one used in Debian 8. We should migrate all the builds to linux_amd64_debian9 to make sure we catch as many errors as pos ... well that AddressSanitizer is more strict in Debian 9 too which should improve code quality as w ... and fix: 12/05/2017 10:49 AM
Bug #2644 (Resolved): release scripts use "gbp dch" for applications, but not for libraries
It's very nice to create the debian changelog from the commit log between the la ... ses, which is the opposite of automatization. 11/15/2017 06:08 AM
Feature #2642 (Resolved): Jenkins job to verify PKG_CHECK_MODULES correctness
Right before tagging a new version of a given ... ldn't need yet another dozen of jenkins jobs. 11/15/2017 06:05 AM
Bug #2641 (Closed): "latest" debian packages are rebuilt every night
We don't actually want to rebuild the "latest ... s been tagged, this should trigger a rebuild. 11/15/2017 05:52 AM
Bug #2640 (Resolved): Debian nightly packages should conflict with debian latest packages
If a user first uses packages from the networ ... ghtly" vs. the official packages in upstream Debian/Ubuntu. It's not yet clear how we can ach ... to a conflict in dpkg packaging information. 11/15/2017 05:49 AM
Bug #2639 (Resolved): Debian nightly packages don't have versions from git-version-gen
It would be useful if the debian nightly package versions have the version in ... , but a 0.7.0 with some additions (9 commits) 11/15/2017 05:45 AM
Bug #2602 (Resolved): Debian packages: Install configs to /etc/osmocom/ + systemd .service files
while working on the "osmocom:latest" builds ... est practise here? What do our users expect? 10/29/2017 11:01 AM
Wiki: Latest_Builds
{{>toc}} h1. _Latest_ Builds If you req ... DEVELOPMENT/TESTING. sysmocom has setup Debian source package builds for the _latest_ versi ... er 28, 2017, there are daily builds for * Debian 8 (i586, amd64) * Debian 9 (i586, amd64, armv7l, aarch64) * Debian 10 (i586, amd64, armv7l, aarch64) * Debian testing (x86_64) * Debian unstable (x86_64) * Raspbian 9 (armv7l) * ... * * * * 10/28/2017 08:46 PM
Wiki: Osmocom_Network_In_The_Box
h1. Osmocom Network In The Box {{>toc}} ... ents using @systemd@. When installed from debian or opkg feeds, you will find the systemd ser ... ber that you see in the RTP frames (e.g. 96). 10/19/2017 04:24 PM
Feature #2564 (Closed): add new split repositories to coverity build
10/10/2017 02:19 PM
Feature #2537 (Feedback): package wireshark with osmocom patches
We should have some jenkins-ci job that * pa ... ce? Please coordinate with Daniel on this. 10/05/2017 07:58 AM
Bug #2527 (Closed): osmocom:nightly package builds fail
Max last osmo-ci change breaks osmocom nightl ... ems there are some issues with the osmo-sgsn debian/copyright information, and also there is no ... how/network:osmocom:nightly doesn't list one. 10/03/2017 11:55 PM
Feature #2526 (Closed): Debian packages: unify osmocom:nightly and osmocom:nitb-split:nightly
As all nitb-split and 3G related branches are ... should be possible to have a single feed of Debian packages that builds * osmo-nitb and osmo-b ... single (nightly) package feed containing all debian packages, and let the user decide on what he ... lite'. Please coordinate with Pau, as the Debian packages were in-line with what's happening ... ve all packages in the "old" osmocom:nightly" 10/01/2017 12:22 PM
Bug #2481 (Closed): osmo-bts with broken dependency in latest nightly
/usr/bin/osmo-bts-sysmo /usr/bin/osmo-bts-sy ... to automate it's sync with upstream releases. 09/01/2017 05:21 PM
Feature #2385 (New): validate debian rules/control as part of jenkins build testing
Right now one can make changes to the source code that will break the debian package builds. It would be nice if the j ... all known/shared required packages installed? 07/21/2017 01:01 PM
Wiki: Titan_TTCN3_Notes
h1. Titan TTCN3 Notes Some notes about dev ... 5.1 or 6.1.0 is too old. ** if you're using Debian packages, you might run into a compile error ... lated @#error@ line. ** there's a build for Debian 9.0 available from our @network:osmocom:late ... swapped in their order compared to the spec! 07/17/2017 06:00 PM
Bug #2330 (Closed): add --enable-sanitize con ... ojects (osmo-{msc,bsc,sgsn} and dependencies)
Let's add the --enable-sanitize configure swi ... hen drop the Osmocom_Sanitize build entirely. 06/18/2017 02:18 PM
Feature #2297 (Closed): debian packaging: package repositories split from openbsc.git (OsmoMSC, OsmoBSC, ...)
After the split of OsmoNITB and separation of ... t to several repositories, we need to adjust debian packaging. 05/27/2017 06:20 PM
Wiki: Accelerate3g5_--_andreas
h1. Accelerate3g5 -- andreas h2. Summary a ... awei HSPA+ USB stick E1823 (used mainly with debian8) * TD5: iPhone5 32GB with iOS 10.3.1 * ... to the main getting started guide, thanks!]_ 04/01/2017 11:44 AM
Wiki: Accelerate3g5_--_alteholz
h1. Accelerate3g5 -- alteholz {{>toc}} ... r with Ruben Undheim, the maintenance of the Debian packages of all needed software both in unst ... me easy first steps into the project. h3. Debian packages h4. needed for 3g core network ... t_ h2. Conclusions _no conclusions yet_ 03/01/2017 09:55 PM
Wiki: Accelerate3g5
h1. Accelerate3g5 {{>toc}} h2. Instruct ... [[Accelerate3g5 -- alteholz]] | QA work and Debian packages | | [[Accelerate3g5 -- vbohinc]] | ... n the [[Mailing Lists|OpenBSC@ mailing list]] 02/28/2017 11:54 AM
Bug #1928 (Closed): nightly packages: osmo-trx fails for missing sqlite3.h and/or debian/rules error 01/26/2017 01:39 PM
Support #1923 (Rejected): re-enable all nightly package builds
since libdbi is buggy in certain versions, so ... libdbi, re-enable all openbsc i586 builds. 01/19/2017 02:41 PM
Bug #1920 (Closed): some nightly packages from missing
Some packages are too old, i.e. not being bui ... <pre> [ ] Packages ... 16-Jan-2017 21:05 29K Details </pre> 01/17/2017 12:34 PM
Wiki: Make_a_new_release
{{>toc}} h1. Make a new release The eff ... info.html#Updating-version-info. However, debian packaging system follows a different versioning convention, but conveniently the debian versioning system can be deduced from libtoo ... fact that ABIs can be backwards compatible. Debian uses @major@ to generate the package name. ... ary, will output the name to be used for the Debian package containing that shared library: <pr ... release@ takes care of * version bump * debian/changelog update * commit * sign * tag ... osmo-ggsn@ * Adjust dependency versions in @debian/control@ (under @Build-Depends@) to match those of * Make sure patches under @debian/patches@ still apply correctly. h3. Extra ... name changing as a result) then: ** Rename @debian/lib*.install@ to match the name change. See ... or libraries]]. ** Adjust package names in @... 12/09/2016 10:13 PM
Feature #1860 (Closed): Include Ubuntu 16.04 LTS in nightly builds
The osmocom nightly builds (https://build.ope ... he latest stable / long term support release. 11/28/2016 07:49 AM
Wiki: Build_from_Source
h1. Build from Source {{>toc}} bq. *Bef ... there are [[Binary Packages]] available for Debian + Ubuntu platforms. These are recommended fo ... -dev sqlite3 libc-ares-dev libgnutls-dev | |Debian 8 and 9| build-essential gcc g++ make automa ... s, not limited to libosmocore. h1. Build debian packages Most Osmocom projects are setup and ready for building debian packages. See the @debian/@ subdir in each source tree. For example, to build a libosmocore debian package: <pre> cd libosmocore/ sudo apt ... ll other Osmocom projects that are ready for debian packaging. Advantages of debian packages: * they allow you to easily instal ... -installation later. Note: when not using debian packages, i.e. after a '@make install@' dire ... eck sudo make install sudo ldconfig </pre> 11/15/2016 02:06 PM
Wiki: Osmocom_Manuals
h1. Osmocom Manuals Osmocom cellular infra ... ary to locally install the docbook DTDs. (On Debian, these are included in the docbook5-xml pack ... -P draft.mode=no -o $(notdir $@) $< </pre> 11/15/2016 01:06 PM
Support #1719 (Resolved): review different 'g ... ted' guides in the wiki and unify/update them
There are plenty of different guides on how t ... builds as preferred method for regular users. 05/17/2016 03:39 PM
Wiki: Nightly_Builds
{{>toc}} h1. _Nightly_ Builds sysmocom has setup nightly Debian/Ubuntu source package builds for the current ... ch 18, 2016, there are daily builds for * Debian 8 (i586, amd64) * Debian 9 (i586, amd64, armv7l, aarch64) * Debian 10 (i586, amd64, armv7l, aarch64) * Debian testing (amd64) * Debian unstable (amd64) * Raspbian 10 (armv7l) * ... * * * * * ... For example, adding the repository to your ... 04/03/2016 09:04 PM
Wiki: Shadysimpy
Dieter Spaar has modified the to ... s has been dropped. Build with openjdk-8. On debian: <pre> $ export PATH=/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.8 ... n:$PATH </pre> If you have upgraded your debian from 9 to 10, you might already have it inst ... k-amd64@ exists). Otherwise, you can add the debian 9 (stretch) related mirrors to your @/etc/ap ... ated packages are available for installation. 03/13/2016 02:14 PM
Feature #1649 (Closed): automatic nightly build of dpkgs for Debian GNU/Linux
We would like to set up a system (possibly us ... t at least for the current stable version of Debian GNU/Linux, but other distributions would also be great. 03/11/2016 09:30 AM
Wiki: OpenBSC_GPRS
h1. [[OpenBSC:]] GPRS/EDGE Setup page {{>t ... as tested on Ubuntu 15.10 but should work on Debian as well. First you need to download all d ... e context menu * _Decode as..._ * _GPRS-NS_ 02/19/2016 10:47 PM
Wiki: Jenkins
{{>toc}} h1. Continuous Integration with J ... e several build slaves, primarily a peair of Debian GNU/Linux 8 and 9 LXC containers on amd64 on ... -netif) # execute @./contrib/ 02/19/2016 10:47 PM
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