RBS2000 with BSC-located PCU

about 18 months late (11/30/2016)


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Local Call Local Switch support


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Local Call Local Switch

In the classic 3GPP architecture, all calls go from BTS to BSC to MSC, only then to go back all the same way in case the second call leg is also in the same cell. Particularly in case of statellite or other expensive/slow back-haul this is far from ideal.

Using LCLS, a BSC can know which of the two call legs belong to one call, and can then directly bridge the RTP/media locally.

Spec references

OpenBSC - A-over-IP interface as per 3GPP


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While osmo-bsc already supports A-over-IP as per IPA/SCCPlite stacking for many years, more recently 3GPP has specified an official A-over-IP interface.

Relevant specifications

Virtual GSM Load Testing

Load testing with many (thousands) of virtual phones


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Virtual GSM Load Testing

This is about development of Load Testing Setup to demonstrate OsmoBSC functionality and performance at >= 200 TRX, >= 100 BTS and thousands of MS.

  • Development of primitive-based asynchronous interface to OsmocomBB ├ómobile├ó program, together with script language (e.g. LUA) bindings for cellselection, location update, SMS and voice calls.
  • Development of voice frame support to OsmocomBB virt_phy, OsmocomBB mobile and osmo-bts-virtual to simulate voice/user plane in addition to control/signaling plane.
  • Development of software to manage (configure, start, monitor, stop) thousands of OsmocomBB mobile instances as well as hundreds of osmo-bts-virtual instances
  • Creation + Documentation of corresponding test suite for automatic execution of load testing

OsmoBTS - osmo-bts-trx refresh

osmo-bts-trx has been unmaintained for 1.5 years, let's catch up the differences


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