People behind the Osmocom baseband project

Harald "LaF0rge" Welte

Harald is an independent IT security expert and system level software developer, trainer, consultant and above all,
Free Software advocate, Linux kernel hacker and electrical engineer. He was leading the development of the
netfilter/iptables project (the built-in IP Firewall present in virtually any Linux system on this planet).

He has been pioneering many other Free Software and Open Source projects like OpenPCD, OpenPICC,
OpenMoko, librfid.

In 2008, he founded project OpenBSC, a Network-side GSM protocol implementation. After this was working sufficiently
with less than a year spare-time effort, he turned to the holy grail of GSM: Implementing a custom
telephone side GSM baseband stack without any support from or contact with the chipset vendor.

This is how OsmocomBB was born!

Dieter Spaar

An experienced software engineer with a large skill set, ranging from microcontroller programming up to the application
layer. He is experienced in various techniques of reverse engineering and {breaking and improving} software security
and protection schemes.

Dieter has been vital in getting OpenBSC started, and is also involved with OsmocomBB from day one.

His area of interest is related to the DSP and Layer1.

Holger "zecke" Freyther

Holger has been working on virtually any level of software development, ranging from Linux kernel work up into
webkit and Qt.

He has been working with Harald and Dieter both on OpenMoko as well as on OpenBSC.

Zecke is focusing on the Layer2/Layer3 protocol side of OsmocomBB

Andreas "Jolly" Eversberg

Jolly has already been on board of the OpenBSC development team, working mostly on the call control
and LCR (linux call router) integration.

In OsmocomBB, Jolly is focusing on the Layer2 + Layer3 protocol stack and issues like GSM 03.22 cell re-selection.

Joachim "roh" Steiger

Roh is a hardware, Linux and embedded systems geek, who has been working as sysadmin and community manager for Openmoko.

He has been working on miscellaneous areas in OsmocomBB such as the keypad scan matrix driver.

Ingo "prom" Albrecht

prom is an experienced software developers across all layers.

His work for OsmocomBB so far has been related to the CFI flash and UART drivers, among other things.

Sylvain "tnt" Munaut

Sylvain is a linux geek mostly interested in the lower layers: RF / Layer 1 / Harware. He has experience working with FPGA, various PPC/ARM/MIPS embedded systems & linux kernel development. Like a lot of the other developers here, he's also involved in other GSM projects such as OpenBSC / OpenBTS / Airprobe ...

He has been involved in working on the HardwareCalypsoDSP inside the DBB.

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