NOTE: This is incomplete and experimental.

This command line tool is used to write, dump and examine flash memory of supported phones.

Currently, it can be used to dump memory and semiautomatically write it.

In order to use it you have to first put appropriate loader into baseband chip using osmocon.
In case of Calypso on OpenMoko it is loader.highram.bin

It can also do various things that are handy for firmware development, including
interactive memory examination and bootloader capabilities for various situations.

user@host:~/osmocom-bb/src/host/osmocon$ ./osmoload help
Usage: ./osmoload [ -v | -h ] [ -d tr ] [ -m {c123,c155} ] [ -l /tmp/osmocom_loader ] COMMAND ...

  Memory commands:
    memget <hex-address> <hex-length>        - Peek at memory
    memput <hex-address> <hex-bytes>         - Poke at memory
    memdump <hex-address> <hex-length> <file>- Dump memory to file
    memload <hex-address> <file>             - Load file into memory

  Flash commands:
    finfo                             - Information about flash chips
    funlock <address> <length>        - Unlock flash block
    flock <address> <length>          - Lock flash block
    flockdown <address> <length>      - Lock down flash block
    fgetlock <address> <length>       - Get locking state of block
    ferase <address> <length>         - Erase flash range
    fprogram <chip> <address> <file>  - Program file into flash

  Execution commands:
    jump <hex-address>                 - Jump to address
    jumpflash                          - Jump to flash loader
    jumprom                            - Jump to rom loader

  Device lifecycle:
    ping                               - Ping the loader
    reset                              - Reset device
    off                                - Power off device

    dump                               - Dump loader traffic to console
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