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daves, 02/19/2016 10:48 PM
minor grammar fixes

Open source phone project: see for details.

Osmocom can be run directly on the phone. The communication flow is:


For details see [wiki:osmocon] and [wiki:CalypsoRomloader]. IP networking between the host and the phone must be set up.

On the phone: * disable ogsmd, ousaged, ophoned via /etc/frameworkd.conf * prevent fsogsmd from accessing modem by commenting following variables in /etc/freesmartphone/conf/GTA02/fsogsmd.conf: * device_port * modem_access * re-check that nothing uses the modem: fuser /dev/ttySAC0 * open three SSH terminals to the phone * transfer layer1.highram.bin and osmocon binary to the phone * in the first terminal, make L2 socket externally available via socat: {{{
socat -v -x tcp-l:16661,reuseaddr,fork unix-connect:/tmp/osmocom_l2
}}} * in the second terminal, run osmocon: {{{
./osmocon -i 13 -m romload -p /dev/ttySAC0 layer1.highram.bin
}}} * in the third terminal, turn power off/on: {{{
echo 0 >/sys/bus/platform/devices/gta02-pm-gsm.0/power_on && echo 1 >/sys/bus/platform/devices/gta02-pm-gsm.0/power_on
}}} on the host machine * Connect the socket: {{{
socat -v -x unix-l:/var/tmp/l2,fork tcp:,fork
Note: is default address of the device when you use shr linux distribution.

After this you can run various tools on host machine, for example: {{{
./cell_log -s /var/tmp/l2 -l /var/tmp/osmocom.log

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