Signals between RF board and DSP board

This page lists all the signals that are to be connected between RF board and DSP board.

Power supply signals


Clock signals

C12     CLK32K_OUT              O       TWL3025:CLK32K  (32kHz clock input)                     M
F12     CLK13M_OUT_START_BIT    O       TWL3025:CLK13M  (master clock input)                    M
A12     TCXOEN                  O       TRF6151:XSEL,XEN (enable 26MHz oscillator)              M
E13     CLKTCXO                 I       TRF6151C:RFCLK (TCXO clock output)                      M

BSP (Baseband Serial Port)

L11     BFSR                    I       TWL3025:BFSX (bb-serial tx frame sync)                  M
K10     BDR                     I       TWL3025:BDX (bb-serial tx data)                         M
P12     BFSX                    O       TWL3025:BFSR (bb-serial rx frame sync)                  M
M11     BDX                     O       TWL3025:BDR (bb-serial rx data)                         M

USP (Microcontroller Serial Port)

N7      MCUDI                   I       TWL3025:UDX (spi output)                                M
M7      MCUDO                   O       TWL3025:UDR (spi input)                                 M
M8      MCUEN0                  O       TWL3025:UEN (spi enable)                                M

TSP (TPU Serial Port)

I14     TSPCLKX                 O       TRF6151:CLK (serial clock)                              M
H11     TSPDO                   O       TWL3025:TDR,TRF6151:DATA (serial data)                  M
H13     TSPEN0                  O       TWL3025:TEN (TSP enable)                                M
H14     TSPEN2                  O       TRF6151:STROBE (serial strobe)                          M
M12     TSPACT0                 O       TRF6151:RESETz (serial interface reset)                 M
M14     TSPACT1                 O       ASM4532:VC2                                             M
L12     TSPACT2                 O       ASM4532:VC1                                             M
L13     TSPACT3                 O       RF3166:BAND_SELECT                                      M
I10     TSPACT4-nRDYMEM         O       ASM4532:VC3                                             M
I11     TSPACT9-MAS1                    RF3166:TX_ENABLE (PA TX)                                M
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