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fixeria, 01/17/2019 01:52 PM


Fernvale is an open-source development platform for the Mediatek MT6260.

It was also specifically designed to make reverse engineering easier.

It is available on the sysmocom web-shop


  • There is a simple bootloader/interactive shell called fernly which can also be used for reverse engineering.
  • There is a downstream port to Nuttx which is bootable but provides limited features
  • There is a downstream OsmocomBB port which has a bootable layer1 image that doesn't support any of the GSM hardware yet.
Hardware feature Support
Backlight Fernly
Bluetooth None yet
External memory Fernly Nuttx
GSM, GPRS None yet
Keypad Fernly
LCD Fernly , Nuttx
Leds Fernly Nuttx
SDIO Nuttx
SPI Fernly Nuttx
UART Fernly Nuttx
USB peripheral? Nuttx
USB host Nuttx


Apr 22 2018 - layer1 firmware has stubbed out implementations for mediatek/fernvale. layer1/main blinks the big LED on fernvale and fernly usb serial is ported so that debug messages are possible. See my mtk-layer1 branch on github.

Feb 13 2018 - fixed up Makefile.mtk so that both SciphoneDreamG2 and Fernvale firmwares build. An LED blink firmware is working on Fernvale but the loader_mtk firmware no longer seems to work on the SciphoneDreamG2.


  • port Layer1bin - unrznbl is working on this currently
  • create library from osmocom-bb to be used in NuttX layer1 app (hopefully very little copying of code into nuttx tree)
  • port Mobile to NuttX

Help welcome

Very few people are working on it1, and because of that progress have been very slow.

1 See This blog post for more background on the issue.

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