DCT3-GSMTAP is a command line utility to capture the GSM Um and SIM-ME interfaces from a Nokia DCT3 phone (eg. 3310) and forward via GSMTAP to the Wireshark protocol analyzer. It is released under GNU GPL version 2.

It is heavily based on Gammu and Project Blacksphere which is the result of a great deal of assembly code reading, research, countless (mostly futile) searches for data sheets, cross-referencing and analysing by wumpus (and others in the credits section).


A serial/USB FBUS cable is required - these should be readily available, normally used for ringtones etc, try searching for "3310 data cable". Images from

nokia3310_nk-33.png nokia_connect.png


dct3-gsmtap device host

The device should be something like /dev/ttyUSB0 (check dmesg once plugged in for exact name) or /dev/ttyS0. The host is where to send the GSMTAP packets to ( is a good option). If you then run wireshark on the relevant interface, you'll see GSMTAP messages.


Duncan Salerno - please let me know if you have success with non-3310 phones and I'll add them to the wiki!


The source code is kept in the git repository at

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