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There are several branches you can see in the project repository. Some project changes are incompatible with each other, so they exist in separate branches. Let's look at the most interesting of them.

Branch Description
master Like in many other git projects this is the main branch of OsmocomBB.
sylvain/burst_ind Using this branch you can dump the burst sequences (even encrypted) from the network. It is possible through the Sylvain's DSP patch which forwards the raw bursts to host apps without any processing from its side. Note that it is not a hacking tool and is only meant as a quick tech demo. See Sniffing for details.
sylvain/testing It is possible to turn Calypso based phone into a small BTS. The transceiver application and corresponding firmware should be used in OpenBTS or OsmoBTS setup. See CalypsoBTS for details.
jolly/testing This code based on Sylvain's testing branch and allows you to split one TRX into several phones.
jolly/emi It contains the EMI application - a tool to generate GSM RF interferences, which can be used to test how GSM radiation affects other equipment. See OsmocomBB EMI Firmware.
jolly/menu This branch provides a menu application, which allows you to choose and run one application of several others stored on flash. For details, see Flashing tutorial.
jolly/ui This branch is jolly's attempt to create a minimal user interface. As at this time both L2 and L3 work on the host side, this UI implementation just controls the mobile process.
luca/catcher This is not an IMSI Catcher as you might think. This is OsmocomBB based tool, which is aimed to detect fake base station activity and some other network irregularities, for example silent SMS. See CatcherCatcher.
luca/gsmmap Contains the modified cell_log app which can be used to grab some traffic from surrounding cells and send it to the project. Some more info can be found in this tutorial.
luca/libosmosim An OsmocomBB compatible phone can be used as SIM reader for the SIMTester tool. This requires a modified firmware and a library. Patched sources can be found in this branch.

The rest of the branches contain the changes, which have already been applied to the master.

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