OsmocomTETRA: Starting to analyze the Dimetra BTS

Added by laforge over 11 years ago

We have recently started to analyze some old Motorola Dimetra equipment, the progress can be found at Dimetra_EBTS and the follow-up pages.

Any hints on how to configure/setup/use this hardware are appreciated, especailly regarding the Ethernet protocol between BR and TSC, as well as the E1 protocol from TSC to SwMI.

OpenBSC: New commit log mailing list for all git repos

Added by laforge over 11 years ago

We haven't had a functioning commit log mailinglist since mid-2009, when the revision control system of openbsc was converted from svn to git.

Especially today, with the large number of separate git repositories on, it is very easy to loose track of what other developers are doing.

The new mailing list 'osmocom-commitlog' (renamed from openbsc-commits) will receive updates from all repositories on

Feel free to subscribe at

OpenBSC: Problems with our git repositories

Added by laforge over 11 years ago

We're sorry to report that there are some problems with our git repositories at the moment, resulting in 'early EOF / index-pack failed' messages when users are attempting to clone one of our repositories.

The problem has been thoroughly analyzed, but even after many hours of analysis, no solution has been found yet. Your best chance is to keep re-trying the clone, in 5-10% of the cases it will succeed.

More technical details are available at this posting to the git mailing list:

Sorry for the inconvenience.

OsmocomDECT: ASL with support for SC1445x/1448x

Added by kaber over 11 years ago

I've created a git repository of the ASL macro assembler with support for the SC1445x/1448x DIPs. This is not needed for building the Com-on-Air firmware and is only useful for people interested in working on adding support for new hardware.


OsmocomDECT: new asterisk git tree

Added by kaber almost 12 years ago

Due to git object corruption in the asterisk git tree which prevented further resyncs with upstream SVN, I've replaced the tree by a fresh import of asterisk and chan_dect.

The history of chan_dect is retained, however the tree is not connected to the old one and needs to be recloned.


OpenBSC: OpenBSC syslog and logfile support

Added by laforge almost 12 years ago

Today I've been working on adding support for logging via syslog and to dedicated log files into our libosmocore and libosmovty libraries.

This means you can now finally log not only to stderr of the running process, but also configure any number of log files (each with its own log categories/levels) and through syslog.

In addition, all of the settings can now be configured from the vty (and persistently in the configuration file). You can also re-configure the log levels for those files (and stderr!) at runtime.

Please see the following new commands on the vty:

log file FILENAME
log syslog
log stderr
no log (syslog|stderr)
no log file FILENAME

Within each of those log vty nodes, you can then use the familiar commands like 'logging level mm debug' or 'log filter all 1' in order to configure which subsystems should log with what level of verbosity to the given target.

The abovementioned logging support is immediately available to all Osmocom programs, including osmo-nitb, osmo-bsc, gb_proxy, osmo-sgsn, bsc_nat and many others.

OsmocomDECT: 2.6.38-rc2 update notes

Added by kaber almost 12 years ago

I've merged the DECT kernel tree with upstream 2.6.38-rc2. Due to addition of the AF_ALG socket family, the AF_DECT numeric values have changed. To update, the new version of inlude/linux/socket.h needs to installed in /usr/include/linux and libdect needs to be rebuilt.

OsmocomDECT: dectmon released

Added by kaber almost 12 years ago

I've uploaded a first release of dectmon, a DECT protocol decoder. It can decode MAC, DLC and NWK-layer messages and show their content in a human readable form. See Siemens for examples.

Additionally it can track key allocation and, if the PIN is known, can calculate the resulting User Authentication Key, from which the cipher keys are derived. Once finished, this can be used to decode ciphered communication.


OsmocomDECT: new libpcap tree

Added by kaber almost 12 years ago

Since the libpcap developers have finally switched from CVS to git, I've replaced the outdated libpcap-dect tree by a new one based on the official tree from ​ From now on the libpcap-dect tree will resync with upstream regulary.

The history of the old tree is not connected to the new one, therefore it needs to be re-cloned from scratch:


OsmocomTETRA: Osmocom TETRA project goes public

Added by laforge almost 12 years ago

Today, we publicly disclose the current development version of a TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) demodulator + PHY + MAC code.

The project home page, including links to source code and mailing list is ​OsmocomTETRA

After GSM and DECT, finally yet another popular wireless communications protocol will see a Free Software implementation.


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