rtl-sdr version 2.0.1 released

Added by laforge 25 days ago

We're happy to announce the release of rtl-sdr version 2.0.1 containing the following main advancements over the previous 0.6.0 release:

  • work-around for Linux kernel mmap()-bug on ARM/ARM64
  • disable usbfs zero-cop by default (may cause bus errors and has only marginal performance benefit)
  • build fix for OpenBSD
  • allow non-default GPIOs for bias-tee configuration
  • rtl_biast command line tool
  • fixed issues compiling on Windows with MSVC, CMake and NMake
  • support for libusb on GNU/Hurd
  • add IPv6 support to rtl_tcp
  • modernize cmake (new minimum required version is 3.7.2)
  • tuner_r82xx: fix short-write in r82xx_read()
  • rtl_fm: add a new option to select 2nd direct sampling mode
  • lib: Stop applying workaround for libusb < 1.0.9 (from 2012!)
  • Fix signal handler from getting stuck in an endless loop
  • add rtl-sdr blog v4 support
  • add -D direct sampling flag to rtl_tcp


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