Support for GPRS/EGPRS on Ericsson RBS6000

Added by laforge 8 months ago

After months of work (primarily by dexter), we're happy to have finally merged code into OsmoBSC to support GPRS/EGPRS on the Ericsson_RBS family of cellular base stations.

This means that [inexpensive] decommissioned Ericsson RBS6000 hardware (as described in Minimal_RBS_Assemblies can now not only be used for providing classic circuit-switched GSM services, but also to provide GPRS/EGPRS services.

Development of this work was made possible by yet another grant from the NLnet foundation (see also

The majority of the related code lives in the OsmoBSC and OsmoPCU projects, together with libosmocore and libosmo-abis. OsmoBSC now provides a PCU socket interface (like OsmoBTS does in our normal BTS-colocated PCU), and OsmoPCU can directly open the E1 tieslots for the PDCH channels (similar to how OsmoMGW handles voice channels in E1 based BTS).

For a list of relevant commits, see

Updates to the user manual and wiki (e.g. Ericsson_RBS2000_GPRS) should follow shortly. If you're curious to try it, you can find an example file at source:doc/examples/osmo-bsc/ericsson/osmo-bsc.dug20-rus02-1trx-1pdch-16kbps.cfg

The code has so far only been tested in our lab. Your mileage my vary. If you do try it, please feel free to report any issues you may find.


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