First ISDN deployment over new OCTOI TDMoIP protocol

First successfuly wide-area deployment of Osmocom efficient TDMoIP protocol for OCTOI network.
Added by laforge 11 months ago

Yesterday, laforge and manawyrm have managed to establish the first successful calls between two ISDN PBX interconnected via the Proposed_efficient_TDMoIP protocol implemented in osmo-e1d using the icE1usb hardware.

The setup looks as follows:

Using this setup we could validate so far:
  • the new, efficient and transparent OCTOI TDMoIP protocol works over public consumer internet access (VDSL on one end / DOCSIS on another end)
  • GPS-locked oscillators on both sides provide stable shared clock for cycle-slip free operation

Contrary to other established TDMoIP protocols, it is both transparent / protocol-agnostic and only transmits those timeslots of a E1 PRI circuit that are in use.

We are therefore fairly certain that this setup can be the basis of the larger intended Community_TDMSS7_Network we have in mind. There is lots of work to do, and we appreciate any help (see project issue tracker).


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