2022-01-28 : Various short [mostly retronetworking] talks

Added by laforge almost 2 years ago

We're happy to announce the 22nd incarnation of OsmoDevCall

In this edition, laforge will present a number of brief (lightning) talks about a number of projects he's currently been thinking about or working on, including
  • efficient TDMoIP protocol
  • TDMoIP community network
  • hardware design of ISDN BRI interface for TDMoIP community network
  • continuous testing setup for simtrace2 "cardem" firmware
  • non-transparent ISA-over-USB bridge attached to qemu

The idea is to ping-pong some ideas wit others and maybe find somebody interested in helping out.

When: Friday, January 28, 2022 from 20:00 CET

Time Topic Who
20:00 Meet and Greet everyone
20:10 series of brief talks on topics stated above laforge
21:00 USSE (Unstructured Supplementary Social Event) everyone

Where: (Big Blue Button of


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