pySim-prog critical fix against corruption of key material

Added by laforge about 2 years ago

In 80901d6d39fd05b923c48145147c47f0ad5252ca we fixed a critical bug regarding the writing of key material when using the classic pySim-prog utility. All versions since 2e6dc03f345150353ecc796f18614c02256bd2df on July 31st are affected.

This means if you are using any of the affected versions in the range above, writing keys will write an erroneous key to your card, where the first byte of the user-specified key is dropped, the remaining 15 bytes are written from offset 0, and the last byte of the key will not be updated on the card.

Programming key material by sysmo-{isim,usim}-tool was not affected by this.

Users are requeste to update to current master or any version including 80901d6d39fd05b923c48145147c47f0ad5252ca

We apologize for any inconvenience.


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