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Updated by neels almost 7 years ago

The schedule needs to be attractive to users, both newbies as well as more experienced users. 

 We need a couple of talks and workshops around running the GSM / GPRS+EDGE / UMTS infrastructure. 

 Some random ideas: 
 * running a basic circuit-switched GSM network 
 * interfacing a VoIP operator and/or PBXs via SIP 
 * running GPRS/EDGE data services with OsmoPCU, OsmoSGSN and OpenGGSN 
 * fundamental GSM radio frequency planning 
 * setting up + running "3G in a Box" with osmo-iuh, OsmoMSC, OsmoCSCN, OsmoSGSN and OpenGGSN 
 * GSUP + core network elements for roaming integration 
 * using the osmocom control interface 
 * efficiently investigate and report issues using wireshark, GSMTAP and libosmocore logging 


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