Bug #5632

Updated by laforge 6 months ago

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 10:55 < fixeria> regarding the testsuite monitoring in Jenkins... 
 11:19 < fixeria> not sure if you guys still use RSS/Atom, but this is a convinient way to monitor test  
 11:20 < fixeria> 
 11:21 < fixeria> this one is specifically for ttcn3-bts-test, but you can also monitor all TTCN-3 stuff 
 11:21 < fixeria> 
 11:23 < LaF0rge> fixeria: i did a quick look, but this just gives you the high level overview of which job  
                  failed, right? 
 11:24 < LaF0rge> fixeria: what we'd want is down on the junit-xml level of granularity where we can track  
                  that sudenyl TC_foo_bar inside a jenkins job is failing 
 11:29 < LaF0rge> stuff like 
 11:29 < fixeria> LaF0rge: it simply says: N more tests failing, N less 
 11:29 < LaF0rge> fixeria: that cumulative count can be misleading if some old failures are passing but some  
                  new failures are added. 
 11:29 < LaF0rge> lynxis: ^^  
 11:30 < LaF0rge> I think those testReport/api/xml URLs should cointain what we need 
 11:30 < LaF0rge> it even has the errorStackTrace with the verbose error message [if there is one] 
 11:31 < LaF0rge> and it has 'age' and 'failedSince' fields 


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