Bug #5165

Updated by osmith over 2 years ago

I looked into why the "install_repo_packages" test in repo-install-debian10 and 9 are currently failing for nightly. 

 This hopefully resolves itself tomorrow, but documenting what I found for future reference at least. 

 * the job attempts to install all packages available for the target architecture (x86_64 in jenkins) 
 * all packages depend on an osmocom-nightly package with a specific version (date of when packages were submitted) 
 * osmo-sip-connector-doc cannot be installed, because it depends on, whereas all other packages depend on 
 * looking at the "repo dir": shows that there are two packages: 
 ** osmo-sip-connector-doc_1.5.0.3.e7d0.202106020026_all.deb 
 ** osmo-sip-connector-doc_1.5.0.202105270026_all 
 * when OBS generates a new package, it deletes the old one 
 * but here, the -doc packages are in the "all" subdir for all architectures, and the second package comes from arm, where the builder is behind and osmo-sip-connector has the status "Scheduled" 
 * apt apk decided that the older package has a newer version (202105270026_all > 3) 

 Practical implications: 
 * users trying to install osmo-sip-connector-doc from nightly will have the same issue, unless they explicitly say which version should be installed 

 Possible workaround: 
 * if this issue persists, we could ignore that specific package "here": and "here": to make the test pass again


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