Bug #4338

Updated by pespin about 4 years ago

I create this ticket to document process of adding some sample test validating EGPRS against osmo-pcu. 
 Probably the easiest would be to start and create a TC_mo_mt_ping_egprs(). 

 When the mobile station has received the PACKET UPLINK ASSIGNMENT message it shall respond with a PACKET RESOURCE REQUEST message in the first allocated radio block. 
 A mobile station supporting EGPRS shall indicate the EGPRS capability in the MS Radio Access Capability 2 IE of the PACKET RESOURCE REQUEST message.  
 </pre> page 44-45/68. 

 That's two-phase access to get EGPRS TBF: 
 * MS sends RACH on CCCH asking for UL TBF 
 * Network sends IMM ASS on AGCH/PCH providing PDCH + TLLI + TFI 
 * MS sends PACKET RESOURCE REQUEST on PDCH assigned with "MS Radio Access Capability 2" IE stating it supports EGPRS 
 * The network should send an PACKET UPLINK ASSIGNMENT with updated CS 
 * MS answers with PACKET CONTROL ACK 
 * MS can now send whatever data. 

 TS 44.06 sec Table PACKET RESOURCE REQUEST information elements


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