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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Related issues
6374 libosmocore Bug New Normal libosmocore --disable-libsctp not tested by jenkins 02/23/2024 03:47 PM Actions
6372 OsmocomBB SDR PHY Bug New Normal Cant connect to BS using cell_log and mobile 02/22/2024 07:13 AM Actions
6371 osmo-ePDG - VoWifi Evolved Packet Data Gateway Bug New Normal osmo-epdg: crash: APN rejected by PGW 02/20/2024 08:44 PM Actions
6367 pySim Feature New Normal PC/SC <-> Android OMAPI bridge for pySim and others 02/17/2024 01:34 PM Actions
6360 libosmocore Bug New Normal libosmovty fails to parse commands like "test (foo|bar) [(one|two|three)]" 02/14/2024 09:25 PM Actions
6354 osmo-ePDG - VoWifi Evolved Packet Data Gateway Feature New Low investigate UE behavior in terms of respecting ePDG configuration on USIM/ISIM 02/07/2024 04:10 PM Actions
6348 OsmocomBB Feature New Normal virtphy: add Circuit Switched Data (CSD) support 01/26/2024 10:03 PM Related to #4396 Actions
6347 OsmocomBB Feature New Normal mobile: support data calls @ 300 bps and 1200/75 bps (TCH/[FH]2.4) 01/26/2024 09:54 PM Related to #4396 Actions
6346 OsmocomBB Feature New Normal mobile: support data calls @ 14400 bps (TCH/F14.4) 01/26/2024 10:03 PM Related to #6167, Related to #4396 Actions
6345 osmo-ePDG - VoWifi Evolved Packet Data Gateway Feature New Low osmo-epdg: Implement SWm interface (Diameter) ePDG <> AAA 01/25/2024 05:22 PM Actions
6344 libosmocore Feature New Normal New TS 24.008 Bearer Capability codec API 01/24/2024 11:19 PM Related to #6330 Actions
6337 OsmocomBB Bug New High bad fr audio with gapk/ms-sdr 01/22/2024 09:21 PM Related to #6336 Actions
6332 osmo-ePDG - VoWifi Evolved Packet Data Gateway Feature New Normal osmo-epdg: Write User Manual 01/18/2024 04:15 PM Related to #6276 Actions
6330 OsmoMSC Bug New Normal Incorrect handling of V.120 data calls 01/18/2024 03:02 PM Related to #6344 Actions
6329 rtl-sdr Bug New Normal rtl_sdr does not have correct rpath set on OSX build 01/12/2024 09:57 PM Actions
6328 OsmoBSC Bug New Normal Channel Mode Modify fails to modify the RTP payload type number 01/12/2024 06:24 AM Related to #6258 Actions
6323 OP25 Bug New Normal Install script is broken on Ubuntu 23.10 01/05/2024 07:54 PM Actions
6322 pySim Bug New Low ATR type annotation 01/03/2024 09:55 PM Actions
6321 OsmoMSC Bug New Low SMS not delivered from corrupted SMS database 01/02/2024 01:07 PM Actions
6316 pySim Feature New Normal include test data in user manual 12/23/2023 03:10 PM Actions
6315 pySim Feature New Low have test data for all supported files 12/23/2023 09:36 AM Actions
6314 pySim Bug New Low pySim-trace doesn't support ARA-M 12/23/2023 09:36 AM Actions
6312 OsmoHLR Bug New Normal Querying HLR for MSISDN-to-IMSI mapping is too cumbersome and inefficient 12/21/2023 06:52 AM Related to #6135 Actions
6303 OsmoPCU Feature New Low Convert pcuif to TLV to make backwards compatibility more feasible 02/15/2024 09:23 PM Actions
6298 OsmoGGSN (former OpenGGSN) Feature New Normal osmo-ggsn not providing MTU of the GTP tunnel to the MS 02/15/2024 10:30 PM Related to #6115 Actions
6297 OsmoMGW Bug New Normal octet-align=0 is the RFC 6871 specified default to use when omitted; but osmo-mgw assumes don't-care when omitted 12/12/2023 02:12 AM Is duplicate of #5726 Actions
6293 OsmoMGW Bug New Normal osmo-mgw "decides" for a codec during MGCP handling; instead it should handle all configured payload type numbers as they arrive in RTP 12/07/2023 05:52 AM Related to #6196, Related to #6177, Blocks #6136 Actions
6285 OsmoHNBGW Feature New Low IUFP needs not CRCX in loopback mode 12/04/2023 03:58 AM Actions
6283 OsmoHNBGW Bug New Normal cnpool: hnbgw fails to extract Mobile Identity from some GMM Attach Request messages 12/04/2023 01:48 AM Actions
6281 OCTOI - Osmocom Community TDM over IP Bug New Normal divf yate: calls to wave playback or loopback never connect 12/04/2023 12:14 PM Related to #6282 Actions
6258 OsmoMSC Feature In Progress Normal if MT call leg does not support the assigned codec, re-assign to a compatible codec 01/12/2024 06:26 AM Related to #6328 Actions
6255 OsmoDia2GSUP Bug New Normal Implement 3GPP Purge UE Request 11/10/2023 01:29 PM Actions
6243 Cellular Network Infrastructure Feature New Low vty cfg: make changing startup defaults of applications backwards compatible 11/01/2023 07:06 PM Actions
6242 Core testing infrastructure Feature New Normal Test eUPF against ttcn3-upf-test setup 12/18/2023 11:33 AM Actions
6241 libosmo-sccp + libosmo-sigtran Feature New Low M3UA "Network Appearance" support 10/31/2023 03:00 PM Related to #6240 Actions
6239 libosmo-sccp + libosmo-sigtran Feature New Normal finally deprecate libosmo-sccp (headers, static lib) 10/31/2023 07:31 PM Actions
6224 Retronetworking Feature Feedback Normal how to document the rescued EWSD 10/18/2023 04:51 PM Actions
6201 OsmocomBB Bug New Normal modem: signal proper MS Radio Access Capability 10/04/2023 12:34 PM Related to #5500 Actions
6176 OsmoSGSN Bug New Low build failure (dependency / concurrency issue) 09/13/2023 03:14 PM Actions
6167 OsmoBTS Feature New Low csd_v110: implement rate adaptation for TCH/F14.4 09/01/2023 11:58 AM Related to #1572, Related to #6346 Actions
6129 Miscellaneous Projects Bug New Normal Discourse: Setting a custom avatar via upload fails 08/02/2023 06:07 PM Actions
6126 OsmoGSMTester Bug New Normal osmo-gsm-tester docker container uses debian 10 08/01/2023 09:49 AM Related to #6057 Actions
6106 OsmoGGSN (former OpenGGSN) Bug New Normal OsmoGGSN attempts to use the same GTP-U socket for all APNs with gtpu-mode kernel-gtp 02/21/2024 10:31 AM Related to #6103, Related to #6096 Actions
6104 pySim Feature New Low reduce number of python dependencies 07/20/2023 04:28 PM Actions
6036 OsmoBTS Feature New Normal Implement ternary SID classification for HR1 uplink 05/17/2023 09:48 PM Related to #5996, Related to #5688 Actions
6032 rtl-sdr Bug New Normal Poor APRS demodulation using RTL_FM on RaspberryPI or on old PC 05/15/2023 12:14 PM Actions
6029 Core testing infrastructure Bug New Normal Single TTCN3 BSC handover test fails 10/18/2023 05:31 PM Actions
6009 OsmoMSC Bug New Normal omo-msc: lots of tlv_parse() calls in src/libmsc/gsm_04_08.c have no return code checked for errors 04/19/2023 03:19 PM Actions
6007 OsmoBSC Bug New Normal network -> bts -> gprs nsvc will always create a nsvc node 04/17/2023 04:08 PM Actions
6000 OsmoMSC Feature New Normal Allow emergency calls without IMSI (using IMEI as MI) 04/12/2023 11:03 AM Related to #5849 Actions
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