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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Related issues
6152 OsmoMSC Bug New Normal built-in MNCC: forward the @Low layer compatibility I@ IE to the called subscriber 08/27/2023 06:28 PM Related to #4394 Actions
6151 OsmoMSC Feature Feedback Normal osmo-msc: Ability to configure (VTY) the AMR(-WB) formats used in RAB-Assignment-Req neels 08/30/2023 08:16 PM Actions
6150 OsmoPCU Feature New Normal PCUIF: Use unique identifiers instead of the TLLI as msg_id. dexter 08/25/2023 02:26 PM Actions
6149 OsmoGSMTester Bug New Normal osmo-gsm-tester gerrit verifications currently broken, not running in docker osmith 08/25/2023 09:13 AM Actions
6148 OsmoDia2GSUP Bug New Normal config file not installed not used by systemd service in debian 08/24/2023 04:37 PM Actions
6145 OsmoBTS Bug New Normal osmo-bts-trx: verify correctness of the CSD rate adaptation laforge 09/09/2023 12:48 PM Related to #1572 Actions
6139 OsmoSGSN Feature New Normal test mobility between GERAN (OsmoPCU) and EUTRAN (Open5GS) end to end on real hardware dexter 08/22/2023 10:09 AM Actions
6138 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug In Progress Normal open5gs fails to build on for Debian testing & unstable osmith 09/14/2023 08:49 AM Actions
6137 OsmoHNBGW Feature New Normal ip.access Nano3G 08/22/2023 06:34 AM Actions
6136 OsmoMGW Feature New Normal libosmo-mgcp-client should ignore unknown codecs in SDP 08/08/2023 04:46 PM Related to #6081 Actions
6135 OsmoHLR Feature Stalled Normal Implement routing of SMS-over-GSUP messages between connected MSC/VLRs and SMSCs falconia 09/25/2023 08:12 PM Actions
6132 OsmocomBB Feature New Normal Add MS_GPRS_Tests to osmo-ttcn3-hacks fixeria 08/02/2023 06:18 PM Actions
6129 Miscellaneous Projects Bug New Normal Discourse: Setting a custom avatar via upload fails 08/02/2023 06:07 PM Actions
6127 OsmoHNBGW Feature New Normal Submit RAB Modification Req towards HNB to udpate its peer IuUP address if MGW changed it 08/01/2023 05:23 PM Actions
6126 OsmoGSMTester Bug New Normal osmo-gsm-tester docker container uses debian 10 08/01/2023 09:49 AM Related to #6057 Actions
6125 OsmocomBB Bug New Normal LLC GIA/GEA (auth/encryption) not yet tested pespin 08/28/2023 10:32 PM Actions
6123 Linux Kernel GTP-U Bug In Progress Normal IPv4/IPv6 address family has to be the same for inner layer and outer layer pablo 09/05/2023 06:44 PM Related to #1952, Related to #1953, Blocks #6096 Actions
6122 Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug New Low remove big endian support 08/02/2023 12:28 PM Actions
6121 pySim Bug New Normal pysim: aram_store_ref_ar_do with --pkg-ref fails 07/29/2023 03:12 AM Actions
6120 pySim Bug New Normal select MF raise an exception after selecting ADF.ARA-M 07/29/2023 12:24 AM Actions
6119 pySim Bug New Normal aram_get_config runs into an exception on a sysmocomSJA2 07/28/2023 10:48 PM Actions
6118 OsmoPCU Bug New Normal osmo-pcu assigns multi-slot TBFs over PACCH to MS with unknwon ms_class pespin 09/22/2023 02:33 PM Actions
6116 pySim Bug New Normal `tree` raise an exception when ARA-M is present 07/28/2023 02:37 PM Actions
6115 OsmocomBB Feature Feedback Normal modem: MTU not set properly on tun iface pespin 08/28/2023 10:35 PM Actions
6114 osmo-ePDG - VoWifi Evolved Packet Data Gateway Bug New Normal connect a real phone to the epdg to test strongswan ipsec configuration 07/24/2023 09:08 PM Actions
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