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2024 event bringing together FOSS projects related to mobile communications

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I've been considering this for a number of years, but never actually got aroun to acting on it:

Have an event where the various FOSS mobile communications projects meet, get to know each other and exchange status, plans and ideas.

Matthias Kirschner of the FSFE suggested to attach that event to sfscon ( and do it a few days ahead (or after) the 2024 incarnation, which is likely happning again in November 2024. The FSFE could help with funding of the related expenses from a donation made by sysmocom to FSFE earmarked to help FOSS in mobile communications.

Let's use this issue to collect a list of projects we'd want to invite, and to generally keep track on status.

For now, I am thinking of the following potential projects:

cellular infrastructure/protocol stacks

SIM card related projects

Development + Debugging

FOSS software stacks on mobile devices

I'm very happy to accept further suggestions for projects/people to add to the invite list.


  • verify exact date of sfscon 2024 (mkirschner)
  • clarify which rooms we could have ideall ahead (alternatively after) sfscon 2024 (mkirschner)
  • write up a small self-description of what this event will be (laforge)
  • contact + invite various FOSS projects once the date and venue are set (laforge)
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Updated by laforge 3 months ago

  • Description updated (diff)
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Updated by pespin 3 months ago

Some prople/projects which may be interesting/ed:
  • ofono
  • modemmanager
  • Purism / Librem 5
  • PinePhone
  • SailfishOS
  • I think there's a community around debian mobile too (
  • worth pinging people at irc liberachat #openmoko-cdevel
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Updated by osmith 3 months ago

Big +1 for ModemManager.

pespin wrote in #note-2:

Ack, this evolved into the (very active!) mobian project.

More projects regarding software stacks on mobile devices:
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Updated by falconia 2 months ago

There are many parts of FreeCalypso family (basically everything other than firmware and certain board designs) that qualify as FOSS: FC host tools (thanks to input from fixeria, useful for playing with old Sony Ericsson phones, well beyond my own FC vision), FC SIM tools, FC USB-serial tools, FC SIMsniff all qualify as FOSS. Based on this classification, I feel that I have a right to be included too.

Did you say this get-together will happen in 2024-Nov? There is a chance I might have my new international travel document (ability to travel outside of USA+Mexico territory) by then - USCIS currently gives a processing time estimate of 17.5 months, and I applied when my last one expired in 2022-12.


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