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LCLS FSM; Not possible to get out from NO_LONGER_LS

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While working on implementing LCLS Control from a SIP PBX attached to osmo sipcon and osmo-msc, I stumbled here:

With an Active (mobile to mobile) Call, and after having sent SIP re-Invites to take the PBX out of the Loop, the resulting LCLS Connect Control Messages are sent from MSC to connect, osmo-bsc has both call legs in ST_LOCALLY_SWITCHED. All Good. :-)

Now we will issue SIP re-Invites to put the PBX back into the loop, osmo-bsc will get LCLS-CONN-CTRL with control set to GSM0808_LCLS_CSC_RELEASE_LCLS (for both legs), and here the FSM works fine, We get the RELEASE for LEG A and go to LOCALLY_SWITCHED_WAIT_OTHER_BREAK then osmo-msc sends the other release and then both legs are in ST_NO_LONGER_LS. Once again, All good.

Now, let's issue again a SIP re-Invite to take the PBX back out of the loop (we finished playback of "your credit is low" or whatever):

So just to recap:

bssmap_handle_lcls_connect_ctrl() is ALWAYS going to call:


followed by


OK, so now Leg A gets a GSM0808_LCLS_CSC_CONNECT, we update the config and we get to lcls_no_longer_ls_fn() where:
We call lcls_enable_possible() which returns false, because:

    if (other_conn->lcls.control != GSM0808_LCLS_CSC_CONNECT) {
        LOGPFSM(conn->, "Not enabling LS due to insufficient other control\n");
        return false;

we break out of the FSM function here without having done anything, no state change
Next we come to apply the config.
As we are still in ST_NO_LONGER_LS, we fall off the end of the switch and hit the ASSERT :-(

Now, If I comment that ASSERT it actually works, because when the LCLS_CONN_CTRL for the B-leg comes in right afterwards, we have already changed the config in the A leg (which is now other) and so lcls_enable_possible() returns true, we change to ST_LOCALLY_SWITCHED and fire LCLS_EV_OTHER_ENABLED at the A leg, which, you remember is still in ST_NO_LONGER_LS and now once again we do lcls_enable_possible(), which passes and both legs are now ST_LOCALLY_SWITCHED

I see various solutions? here:

  1. I'm doing something wrong on the MSC side and sending LCLS_CONN_CTRL that osmo-bsc does not and should not expect [1]
  2. The FSM should handle LCLS_EV_APPLY_CFG_CSC in ST_NO_LONGER_LS [2]
  3. We change the state of the A leg to ST_NO_LCLS when lcls_enable_possible() fails? [3]
  4. something else?

[1] so BTW, osmo_bsc_lcls.c is peppered with OSMO_ASSERT() - I found out while hacking on this that a misbehaving MSC can very easily crash it with the "wrong" LCLS CONNECT CONTROL messages. Should it not be a little more robust?

[2] Isn't this wrong, if there's no handler for LCLS_EV_APPLY_CFG_CSC in lcls_no_longer_ls_fn() ??

    [ST_NO_LONGER_LS] = {
        .in_event_mask = S(LCLS_EV_UPDATE_CFG_CSC) |
                 S(LCLS_EV_APPLY_CFG_CSC) | /* <- we don't handle this in the action function */
                 S(LCLS_EV_CORRELATED) |
                 S(LCLS_EV_OTHER_ENABLED) |
        .out_state_mask = S(ST_NO_LONGER_LS) |
                  S(ST_REQ_LCLS_NOT_SUPP) |
        .name = "NO_LONGER_LS",
        .action = lcls_no_longer_ls_fn,

[3] currently the FSM won't allow it.

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