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repo-install-debian10 and -debian9 nightly fails for x86_64 because OBS arm builders are behind

Added by osmith over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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I looked into why the "install_repo_packages" test in repo-install-debian10 and 9 are currently failing for nightly.

This hopefully resolves itself tomorrow, but documenting what I found for future reference at least.

  • the job attempts to install all packages available for the target architecture (x86_64 in jenkins)
  • all packages depend on an osmocom-nightly package with a specific version (date of when packages were submitted)
  • osmo-sip-connector-doc cannot be installed, because it depends on, whereas all other packages depend on
  • looking at the repo dir shows that there are two packages:
    • osmo-sip-connector-doc_1.5.0.3.e7d0.202106020026_all.deb
    • osmo-sip-connector-doc_1.5.0.202105270026_all
  • when OBS generates a new package, it deletes the old one
  • but here, the -doc packages are in the "all" subdir for all architectures, and the second package comes from arm, where the builder is behind and osmo-sip-connector has the status "Scheduled"
  • apt decided that the older package has a newer version (202105270026_all > 3)
Practical implications:
  • users trying to install osmo-sip-connector-doc from nightly will have the same issue, unless they explicitly say which version should be installed
Possible workaround:
  • if this issue persists, we could ignore that specific package here and here to make the test pass again
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Updated by osmith over 2 years ago

This is a problem 3 days in a row now. If it's still failing after the weekend I guess we need to apply the workaround :\

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I've asked if somebody could take a look at unblocking the package from "scheduled" in the OBS IRC channel.

As it's still failing, here's a patch with the workaround:

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Updated by osmith over 2 years ago

In IRC I got the feedback, that this is related to uploading new sources every night. The builder can't keep up, it seems that before it is our turn in the queue, we already upload new sources and need to go back to the end of the line again.

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As discussed, I've disabled armv7l for debian 10 and debian 9 for the nightly builds. These are the ones that could not catch up.

The duplicate packages in the all dir are gone, marking this issue as resolved.


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