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tool for "re-formatting" [sysmocom] cards in tester

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In our automatic testing of pySim, we (every so often) run into the problem of some prior test case execution (e.g. as part of gerrit build verification) leaving the card in a different state than expected by the next test case execution.

We would need a tool that would "re-format" the card, to ensure it always is in 100% the expected state. At least for sysmoISIM-SJA2, sysmoTSIM-SJA1, sysmoUSIM-SJA2 and other "recent" card models this is very much possible.

The tool should ideally be "generic" so it can be parametrized with
  • the specific card profile and profile version to load
  • the personalization script to use (to set keys/PINs/...)

That way the tool can be used for all current and future card models.

We will be installing it on the build slave in a way that only 'root' has access to the tool and related files, and the jenkins-build user will get sudo privilege only to execute the tool but not to read or modify the card profiles etc.

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Related to pySim - Bug #4383: Jenkins build verification is non-deterministicStalleddexter01/29/2020

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as we now have support for the proprietary files of the cards in pySim/, the export command actually also exports those files in binary form, meaning we are pretty close to a "generic" full backup.

There still are some files (like PIN/PUK/ADM) that cannot be read even with ADM1 pin, and hence those are not part of the 'export' and not of any restore either.

But I guess it should already be very usable the purpose of restoring the card into a known state in our automatic testers. dexter please feel free to give it a try.

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  • Related to Bug #4383: Jenkins build verification is non-deterministic added

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