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network:osmocom:nightly feed with "-O0" builds

Added by laforge almost 3 years ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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when debugging issues, it's always annoying to run into "... optimized out" in gdb.

It might make sense to have an OBS feed that basically is a copy of 'nightly' but has all binaries built with -O0

Hopefully that's not all that much effort? Can we somehow inject the compiler flag without having to maintain a package-specific patch against debian/rules?

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Updated by laforge almost 3 years ago

ideally one would be able to mix packages from nightly and nightly-O0, but that may be too much to ask for. In that case one could install just one relevant O0 package while keeping other parts optimized. Just daydreaming...

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Updated by keith almost 3 years ago

I wonder would it be possible to build a package in the same -nightly feed that has a different name and conflicts with the "normal" package, and depends on the -dbg package?

so you could do

opkg install osmo-bts-non-optimised (or whatever)

test.. test...


opkg install osmo-bts

operate.. operate...

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Updated by laforge almost 3 years ago

On Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 08:34:11PM +0000, keith [REDMINE] wrote:

I wonder would it be possible to build a package in the same -nightly feed that has a different name and conflicts with the "normal" package, and depends on the -dbg package?

certainly it's possible. The problem is more how to do that without
creating a lot of manual labour, both one time and in terms of
continuous maintenance.

having "non-optimizied copies" of all packages in a feed sounds like
it will need maintenance every time a package changes or a new one is
created, which I wouldn't consider given the constant ongoing burden
it puts on the maintenance.

So I guess it boils down to finding whatever has the least impact
on our packaging and maintenance effort while still enabling users
to run -O0 without having to build from source.

As stated, ideally the non-optimized feed of the same flavor (nightly,
latest, upcoming stable releases) would not conflict with the optimzied
one so you would end up with the same situation as you request; the
only difference would be that you'd add two apt feeds and then have to
specify from which of those feeds you'd want to install 'osmo-bts'.

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Updated by pespin almost 3 years ago

To whom it may concern: my opinion regarding this topic is that I see no point in doing and maintaining this.
If someone requires -O0 binaries, I'd expect him to be able to build + scp packages manually (fi quickly using oso-gsm-tester contrib scripts to build a sysroot). If you end up needing -O0 binaries to debug further, it's also high chances that you'll end up too willing to add logging information, or test a patch, or whatever, so you still need to build your own build.

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Updated by osmith 10 months ago

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Harald, given what Pau wrote above: do you think this is still relevant?

Regarding implementation, it wouldn't be that much effort with the OBS scripts we already have:

  • create a second nightly feed where -O0 is enabled
  • packages can be mixed with the regular nightly feed

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