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Add port numbers to /etc/services during installation

Added by laforge over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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I think it would be great if we'd add the /etc/services snippet from Port_Numbers to /etc/services during the installation. This enables people to do telnet localhost osm-msc or the like, without having to memorize port numbers all the time.

It's a bit ugly as there is no /etc/services.d or the like, so we have to add/patch the services to the file.

In order to do that reasonable, the related postinst script should (for each service)
  • check if the entry already exists, and do nothing if it does
  • append the entry to the end of the file, if no entry exists yet

We could do this in bulk from libosmocore, or we could add/remove each individual line for each program we install from the respective osmo-* package.

The alternative would be to ship something like an 'osmo-telnet' client program that would have compile-time knowledge about the port numbers. As we already maintain a fork of libtelnet.git on, that may be an option...


vty vty 1.26 KB 'expect' script that connects to osmocom vty by name neels, 06/08/2020 10:25 AM

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Updated by neels over 3 years ago

Related: Keith has written an expect script that connects to an osmocom telnet by name, and is also able to establish a desired logging config every time.
Attaching and pasting it. This one contains a few tweaks introduced at 36c3. We could rename to osmo-vty and install from libosmocore?

vty bsc


vty osmo-bsc
#!/usr/bin/expect -f
set vty [lindex $argv 0]
set host localhost
switch $vty {
 hlr { set port 4258 }
 bsc { set port 4242 }
 mgw { set port 4243 }
 mgw2 {
        set host
        set port 4243
 sg { set port 4245 }
 msc { set port 4254 }
 sip { set port 4256 }
 gg { set port 4260 }
 ggsn { set port 4260 }
 hnbgw { set port 4261 }
 osmo-hlr { set port 4258 }
 osmo-bsc { set port 4242 }
 osmo-mgw { set port 4243 }
 osmo-mgw-for-bsc { set port 4243 }
 osmo-mgw-for-msc {
        set host
        set port 4243
 osmo-sgsn { set port 4245 }
 osmo-msc { set port 4254 }
 osmo-sip-connector { set port 4256 }
 osmo-ggsn { set port 4260 }
 osmo-hnbgw { set port 4262 }
 default { set port 4242 }
spawn telnet localhost $port
expect ">" 
send "enable\r" 
expect "#" 
send "logging enable\r" 
expect "#" 
send "logging print category 1\r" 
expect "#" 
send "logging print category-hex 0\r" 
expect "#" 
send "logging print level 1\r" 
expect "#" 
send "logging print file basename last\r" 
expect "#" 
send "logging print extended-timestamp 1\r" 
expect "#" 
send "logging level set-all notice\r" 
expect "#" 
switch $vty {
 msc {
  send "logging level mm info\r" 
  expect "#" 
  send "logging level cc info\r" 
  expect "#" 
send "logging filter all 1\r" 
expect "#" 
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Updated by laforge about 3 years ago

  • Related to Feature #5013: investigate "vtysh" for Osmocom added

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