Bug #3423

Receiver: hard-coded GSM 05.02 channel configuration

Added by fixeria 5 months ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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Unlike OsmoTRX, it's impossible to configure the desired channel configuration.
Please see GSM 05.02, section 6.4 "Permitted channel combinations".

In order to reduce the recourse consumption, it makes sense to implement some API,
which would allow both initial and dynamic timeslot configuration...


#1 Updated by ptrkrysik 5 months ago

Just a note that in my opinion we more need to be able to configure what
is configuration of burst types in given timeslot. We don't need to
inform it what exact logical channel types are bound to given timeslot.

#2 Updated by fixeria 4 months ago

Well, I think e.g. this 'FCCH+SCH+CCCH+BCCH' combination clearly defines
which types of bursts we would expect on a given timeslot...

This is already implemented in OsmoTRX, have a look:

Also, trxcon is capable to send 'SETSLOT <TS> <TYPE>' command, which
AFAIR contains exactly a channel combination number...

#3 Updated by fixeria 4 months ago

For sure, we may also implement an advanced channel combination option, which
would allow to specify required burst types manually, e.g. 'sb,fb,nb'...

#4 Updated by ptrkrysik 4 months ago

In my opinion all the receiver should care is if it should expect in a
given timeslot:
-normal burst
-normal burst or dummy burst,
-normal burst or nothing,

We can use the combinations as a set of predefined configurations of
burst types, but I wouldn't limit the receiver to those.

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