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Feature #3326: Build a batch of Openvizsla USB LS/FS/HS protocol tracers

Check Openvizsla BOM to figure out which parts might be difficult / impossible to source

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Let's please do a review of the Openvizsla BOM to understand whether there are any obsolete/EOL key parts (semiconductors) that might require design changes. I'm not worried about any of the passives, obviously. But FPGA, RAM, FTDI, USB PHY, ..

I've asked a friend with Altium to export the BOM for us.

OpenVizsla-BOM.gnumeric OpenVizsla-BOM.gnumeric 97.2 KB mschramm, 06/26/2018 01:28 PM


#1 Updated by laforge over 1 year ago

At least the following key parts are all still available from digikey:
  • FT2232H in TQFP-64
  • SDRAM (166 MHz version instead of 133 MHz: MT48LC16M16A2P-6A:GCT-ND)
  • FPGA

Everything else looks like standard passives, so I don't expect much of a problem here.

#2 Updated by mschramm over 1 year ago

OK, then I wait for the extracted eBOM to further investigate whether any of the passives (e.g. inductances) are critical.

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Checked all parts and completed an eBOM.

  • all LEDs must be revised or treated as generic parts supplied by the contract manufacturer
  • two ferrites must be replaced; I'd like to see the original PCBA, looks like we should change the part to another (larger) foorprint...
  • the two tact switch alternatives differ in the length of the actuator, linked is a short actuator version
  • as mentioned, the SDRAM ist a 166MHz type, as the 133 is obsolete and n.a.

#5 Updated by mschramm over 1 year ago

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#6 Updated by mschramm over 1 year ago

Updated eBOM with Digikey part numbers (for easier DK upload).

Digikey used to take part numbers containing a colon or a slash ("MT48LC16M16A2P-6A:GCT-ND" or "LM3670MF-1.2/NOPBCT-ND") which is very useful when their own BOM manager does not understand this... 8/

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closing the ticket as a sizeable number of surplus OpenVizsla boards have just surfaced.

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