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Osmocom Network In The Box

  • MGW endpoint management has changed, there is no need to provide the endpoint range with the MGCP clients anymore. Clarify with dexter and edit away the parts concerned with that.
  • GGSN routing: at the time of writing and until now I'm not a routing/iptables guru. I've since added a '-s' to my iptables rules to only nat for phones' IP addresses; so that whole topic might be good to review in this wiki page / the GGSN manual. It's not compulsory that we say much about that topic in our docs, but at least make sure we don't actively mislead with my half-knowledge. (BTW, I'm still seeing my nat thwarted when the docker service is running on my machine)
  • replay the howto 1:1 and see if everything still works, update the attached tar of config files


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Edited the 'mgw endpoint range's away now, and removed the 'number endpoints' as well, along with some wording about that.

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