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Debian nightly packages don't have versions from git-version-gen

Added by laforge about 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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It would be useful if the debian nightly package versions have the version information that we generate from our git-version-gen scripts, like ""

This way, the package version directly reflects a specific commit in a specific repository and it is uniquely identified what is contained in the package.

Also, it will be clear that it's not in fact a plain 0.7.0, but a 0.7.0 with some additions (9 commits)

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OBS is building atm new packages. I'll check the version of the package and the binaries as soon they're built.

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    osmocom-nightly-packages: replace version string with by git-version-gen

    E.g. old version (0.10.2 last deb version,
    20180501 was the date)

    The new version will look like
     - 0.10.2 is the last tag
     - .279 is 279 commits since the tag
     - 178b is the actual short git rev

    The direct output of ./git-version-gen couldn't be used because
    debian forbids using a minus (-) in upstream versions.

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